Saturday, 30 March 2013

Tall hats and rabbit ears

It may have been a freezing cold day today, but inside Whippy Cove's little church, there was enough warmth being generated to heat the whole church and all the homes that surround it! 

The source of all this warmth was of course the little learners of Sunnyside School. Family, friends, staff and children all came together to celebrate Easter and to marvel at the wonderful array of beautifully hand crafted Easter bonnets, worn by Sunnyside's little learners.

The parents and carers of Sunnyside School rose to the challenge set to them a little while ago, to work with their children at home to produce an Easter bonnet for the parade.  The response was tremendous, not to mention the results of all their hard work.

Sitting in the pews were; tall hats, fluffy hats, wide hats, thin hats, hats with dingle dangles, hats decorated with eggs, hats that were eggs, hats festooned with chicks, hats adorned with fresh flowers, hats with ears and hats with beaks, hats with wings and hats with feet! 
It was indeed, a hat extravaganza!

The little learners sang and the little learners paraded. It was a truly wonderful event.

Well done everybody! 

At the end of the day, and whilst it was still fresh in her mind, Mrs Crayon dashed home and rustled up a rhyme and a doodle to mark this wonderful occasion.

When you make your Easter bonnet

When you make your Easter bonnet,
Do your best to build it high.
Just throw everything up on it,
And make it reach the sky!!!


The little learners will be back for more fun and learning on Monday 15th April.

In the meantime Mrs Crayon will continue to post doodles and musings throughout the Easter break, courtesy of the clever little learners of Sunnyside School.

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