Friday, 8 March 2013

Funny thoughts and wet toes

"Do you know...?"

Now there's a phrase the Sunnyside grown ups hear many, many times each day from the little learners in the class. And each time they hear that phrase, the grown ups will automatically grab the nearest post-it pad and pen in readiness to note down the little gem of information that always follows.

The team adore the "do you know?" moments when they pop up because they are invariably nothing to do with anything that's going on at that moment. They are random, spontaneous little learner thoughts, and this makes them even more special. 
As far as the team is concerned "do you know?" moments bring extra sunshine to the day and they are yet another reason why the team love working with little learners in the Reception Year.

The following do you knows all popped up this very week. The team hope you enjoy them as much as they do!


It's worth mentioning that if it wasn't for the wonderful little learner "do you know?" moments, there would be no pet polar bears, uncle Robin Hoods, talking hamsters and chirpy ogres. And what's more, no doodles for Mrs Crayon!!! 

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