Friday, 20 December 2013

Tea towels and donkey ears

So......the sparkles are out, a ton of glitter is once again embedded in the carpet, bits of cellophane and shiny paper are stuck to everything and everyone, donkey ears, shepherd crooks, and angel wings sit in listing piles upon every surface, excited and industrious little learners are busy with their Christmas makes, Christmas carols ring out around the setting, and throughout all the festive hullabaloo, baby Jesus sleeps peacefully in his crib on top of the paint drying wrack. 

Yes, it's that time again.......time for the Sunnyside Christmas Nativity performance.

This year, The Team plans to keep a very close eye on baby Jesus following his sudden and very alarming disappearance minutes before the opening of last years Nativity. During the panic, a replacement baby Jesus was found and with seconds to spare it was Laa-Laa the Teletubby who ended up swaddled in the crib alongside a somewhat astonished Mary and Joseph! 

Most of this year's little Sunnyside learners are terribly excited at the prospect of performing in a nativity play, however one particular and somewhat reluctant little performer announced to Miss Kind that he would not be taking part unless he was allowed to be a cowboy or a ghost!  

Although the little learners have participated in a number of rehearsals, for some of them there still seems to be a little confusion surrounding the definition a nativity play. The Team only know this because they've overheard little learners inviting people to church to come and watch their circus! 

One can only imagine how that might go!        

Nativity Pains

I don't ever wanna be
In a school nativity,
Because of all the silly things you have to wear.
Like a tea towel on your head,
Like a sheet from some old bed,
And an itchy bit of tinsel in your hair!

You have to carry awkward things,
While you wrestle with some wings,
And you're not allowed to talk, or laugh, or frown.
You have to trundle up the aisle,
Wearing nothing but a smile,
And a rather unattractive dressing gown.

Then someone has to be
The nativity donkey,
And that's the part that fills us all with dread.
It's the worst of all our fears,
To have to wear them donkey ears,
As the wretched things keep falling off your head!

Then on top of everything
There's a tonne of songs to sing,
And that's when we become all fidgety.
But if you're feeling really brave,
You can give your mum a wave,
And try to tell her that you're desperate for a wee!

"I need a wee!"

Happy Christmas everyone.......see you in the new year!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Dirty tricks and walking sticks

Uh-oh! There was an explosion at Sunnyside School today. Someone removed the lid to the glitter pot. The Team thinks that Mrs Crayon was the culprit, a) because she was coated in a thick layer of the stuff, and b) because it was she who was in charge of this afternoon's glittery Christmas card making activity.

Christmas has come to Sunnyside School! Floors and surfaces are once again obliterated by a ton of sparkly glitter, Christmassy activities are aplenty, and the air is filled with songs about Mary and Joseph having a busy day looking for some where to spend the night. the role play area, little learners are dressed as doctors, nurses and paramedics in the newly created doctors' surgery.

Role play doctors and nurses is always a very popular activity with the little learners, but........historically there is always a serious shortage of patients, as most little learners prefer to be the doctors and nurses. This means little learners are forced to head out around the setting in an attempt to round up some much needed poorly patients.

This afternoon two very officious lady doctors set out to recruit some poor unfortunate patients. Armed with appointment books and clipboards, they marched about the setting collaring individuals demanding to know if they were ill or not. When finally they managed to persuade one reluctant little learner to come back with them to their surgery, one of the lady doctors sat him down and in a terrifying manner said, "Are you poorly? Yes or no!!!" 
"NO!" Shouted the rather put out little learner, itching to get back to his Lego construction.
Showing him the surgery door, the lady doctor then abruptly picked up her appointment book and said to her colleague who was busy tapping on the keys of the surgery laptop, "I'm scribbling his name out, he's not poorly he's just joking."  
With her gaze firmly fixed on her laptop, the key tapping doctor replied, "I can't speak........ I'm sorting out my earmails."

A short spell at charm school wouldn't go a miss for these two more than scary GPs!

Are you ill?

Simple question.........are you ill?
And do you need to take a pill?
Have you got a nasty cough?
Is your finger hanging off?
Do you have creatures in your hair?
Are you spotty everywhere?
Have you got a runny nose?
Or massive blisters on your toes?
Now.........look away and please keep calm,
 I'm going to jab you in the arm!
I'm sorry but I must admit,
It's gonna hurt you quite a bit.
Just lay down here and have a rest,
While I prod you in the chest!
Do you need a walking stick?
Do you feel a little sick?
You're telling me it's not your tum,
Well, for heaven's sake why have you come?
What's that you say... you're just tricking me,
Then please.....GET OUT MY SURGERY!!!!

"I only came in for the toilet!"

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Knots, spots and pom poms

Tis the season to wear a hat,  
Fa la la la la, la la la la! 

Brrr! December is here and it's very chilly in Whippy Cove. And with the chilly weather....... comes a new nightmare for the Sunnyside Team...............HATS!

Just as The Team are beginning to come to terms with the continual mismatches and disappearances of garments at PE changing time, they now have to face up to a new nemesis......... that of missing and mislaid hats. 

Yes, hats have come into their droves, and even though these inanimate woolly head warmers start off in sensible places like coat pockets, or on coat pegs, or safely tucked in little learner drawers, somehow, within the blink of an eye it seems, said hats lay abandoned across floors and surfaces, buried in Lego boxes, incorporated in with the dressing up clothes, floating in water trays, or perched on somebody elses head!

The little learners of Sunnyside School seem to work on the theory that the grown ups in the setting know exactly where all their hats are at all times, which is why they feel they can ask, "Where's my hat?" at any given moment in the day and the grown ups will be able to immediately direct them to it! 

If only!!!!!!

Little learners love their hats, and consequently little learners can become almost hysterical when they become separated from their hat.  

But when it comes to hysterical, there are none more hysterical than the Sunnyside team at the end of the school day, as they frantically dash hither and thither in an desperate attempt to reunite devastated little learners with their beloved hats. After all no one wants to see any little learners heading homeward sobbing and hat less! 


Hats with pom poms, hats with ties.
Hats that hang in front of eyes.
Hats that perch on top of heads,
Hats with multicoloured threads.
Knitted hats, bold and bright,
Itchy hats and hats too tight.
Hats with tassells dangling down,
Hats snow white, hats muddy brown.
Hats with bows and hats with knots,
Stripy hats and hats with spots.
Hats with funny pointy ears,
Hats when lost cause many tears.
Piles and piles of hats the same,
All of which without a name.
Reception teachers everywhere
Busy tearing out their hair!
Before you wear your hat to school,
NAME IT, NAME IT... that's the rule!

"I'm a boy.....................and this is NOT my hat!!!!!!"

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Green cats and yucky fish!

Night and and night!

Which ever way we like to say it, night and day happens to be the current topic for the little Reception learners at Sunnyside School.

This afternoon groups of little learners were involved in a variety of activities looking at some of the differences between day and night. They discussed the kinds of jobs that might be carried out at night-time, and those that are carried in the day. Digging up roads and working at Tesco were two very popular suggestions for night-time jobs, and digging up roads and working at Tesco were two very popular suggestions for daytime jobs! 

Mrs Caring's group of little learners shared their knowledge of nocturnal animals during an animal drawing activity. And it was during this drawing activity that Mrs Caring learnt a very interesting animal fact indeed.  

A little learner was concentrating on drawing a picture of a cat and a moon, when he suddenly set his crayons down on the table and announced, "I know cats go hunting at night-time!" Grabbing a post-it note and a pen (in anticipation of an immanent little learner gem), Mrs Caring asked the little learner what kind of animal a cat might go hunting for. Before the little learner could utter a response, his friend who was working alongside him, (and who also happened to be drawing a cat and a moon) called out, "Rats and mice!" The first little learner immediately rose out of his chair, and with hands planted firmly on hips, said to his friend, "No, no, no........ they don't hunt for rats and mice..........they hunt for Couscous!" Expecting a prolonged and even heated exchange of, Oh no they don't!.........Oh yes they do, between the two chums, the little learners' friend instead replied, "Oh yeah......they do hunt Couscous don't they!" 

Mrs Caring had the distinct feeling that she was missing something here. So she thought she would Google, Couscous hunting cats when she got home!!!

Mrs Crayon on the other hand, couldn't wait to get home to pen a verse about it. 

Down with fish

I'm not keen on Haddock,
I don't care for Cod.
I've gone off Tuna
Which does seem odd!
If I'm honest, 
I hate all fish,
I want freshly caught Couscous 
In my dish!

"What does a cat have to do for a bit of Couscous for heaven's sake!"

Monday, 25 November 2013

Wheels, whistles and whiffs......Part three

Of all the skills a little learner little will acquire during their time in the Reception Class at Sunnyside School, it is learning to whistle and to click their fingers, that seems to create the most amount of excitement amongst them all.  

Once learnt, the relentless sound of clicking fingers and monotone whistles will fill the air and ears of everyone present at Sunnyside after day after day! 

So when one afternoon Miss Kind was approached by yet another little learner proudly asking "Do you wanna hear me whistle?", she dutifully stopped what she was doing, (again) sat herself down on a little learner size chair, and positioned herself in readiness to be serenaded by the most tuneful of whistles.

What transpired on this particular occasion, was not so much a whistling demonstration, it was more of an air blowing exercise........lots and lots of air as it happens! After several failed attempts to squeeze a whistle from his lips, the quick thinking little learner announced to Miss Kind that he could definitely whistle.....but only on certain days. Judging by the gale force wind that he was producing, it was evident that this particular day was not a whistling day!

This whistling dilemma was all the inspiration Mrs Crayon needed for her third and final retrospective rhyme........and here it is!

Whistling Days!

I'm going through a funny phase,
Of only whistling on certain days.
On Monday when I have a go, 
It seems it's only air I blow.

When Tuesday and Wednesday come around,
I puff and blow, but still no sound!
Thursday, can't come soon enough,
For I'll whistle you a ton of stuff.

On Friday, I've gone and lost the knack.
But by Saturday me whistle's back!
Sunday though, I feel it's best,
I give me knackered cheeks a rest!!!

"Uh-Oh!..........Nothing's happening, it can't be a whistling day!"

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Wheels, whistles and whiffs....... part two

It was the little learner who had such a lot to say about his baby sister, that has inspired the second of Mrs Crayon's three brand new rhymes.

The little learner in question had several gripes about his baby sister, but his main complaint was to do with her nappies, and in particular.......what was contained within them! To combat the aftermath of nappy changing time, the little learner found that if he turned the fan on in his bedroom, he could blow any offending odours out of his window, and straight into the garden (and nostrils) of his poor bewildered neighbour.  

A little learner story crying out for a Mrs Crayon rhyme for here it is!

My smelly, smelly sister!

Me sister may be tiny,
But she makes a giant pong!
When it drifts into the garden,
Me neighbours shout, "What's going on!"
They run inside and bolt the doors,
And all the windows too.
So you wanna thank yer lucky stars,
She don't live next to you!

"Dearie me........How can she smell worse than I do!"

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Wheels, whistles and whiffs.......Part one

Who remembers the little learner who spoke to Mrs Crayon some time ago, about his smelly baby sister and the effect her smelly nappies had on the neighbours? Or what about the little learner who fell in the playground and sustained a microscopic injury, but was devastated to find that a wheelchair would not be forthcoming? Does anyone remember the little learner who was desperate to demonstrate to Miss kind his ability to whistle, but when the moment arrived for him to perform his newly acquired skill, his whistle had mysteriously vanished? His explanation......."I can whistle..........but only on different days!" 

Well.......whether we remember them or not, these three stories have now been given the Mrs Crayon rhyming treatment.   

This first rhyme is inspired by the little learner who demanded a wheelchair following a tumble in the playground. If we recall, his injury was rather difficult to detect with the naked eye, however the tearful little learner was insistent that a wheelchair be found to transport him back to the classroom. After all, as he correctly pointed out to The Team, "They have wheelchairs in airports you know!"

Broken bones

My leg is slashed to ribbons.
My blood lies spilt across the floor.
My leg bones are all broken,
I fear I can't walk anymore!  
I feel so very dizzy,
The pain is too hard to bear.
My only way back to the classroom,
Is on a stretcher or in a wheelchair!  

"I'll just sit 'ere and wait for me wheelchair shall I!"

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Autumn leaves and messy sleeves

A water tray filled with Autumn leaves, mixing bowls brimming with porridge oats, pots of runny glue, tubs of sparkly glitter, clumps of fluorescent pink playdough.

Absolutely nothing unusual there. These are all very familiar items, regularly used in many Reception Classes everywhere, in order to facilitate an afternoon of creative and sensory exploration. 

The Team aren't entirely sure how it transpired that all the things listed above were available to the little learners this afternoon, but they were, and the little learners loved it.

Now..... Autumn leaves, porridge oats, runny glue, sparkly glitter and fluorescent pink playdough are just fine and Jim Dandy all the while they remain safe and sound in their respective receptacles. But.......(and it's a huge and messy but) the moment these things leave their respective receptacles (via the eager hands of hoards of little learners) it is only a matter of time before Autumn leaves come into contact with runny glue, sparkly glitter becomes an integral part of the playdough (and the runny glue), and porridge oats has spread to all four corners of the classroom and way beyond. 

Throw shiny paper, crepe paper, pipe cleaners and cotton wool into the delightful mix, and you have something that is impossible to describe, but all traces of which must be removed before the arrival of the very hardworking Miss Spic and Mrs Span at the end of the school day. 

It was all hands to the deck this afternoon, to remove every scrap of the gluey, oaty, glittery, leafy, doughy type stuff that seemed to be coating every surface, as well as every being in the setting. Everyone was so busy and engrossed in all the scrubbing, scraping, and sweeping, that they unfortunately neglected to check what might be lining the bottoms of their shoes. Consequently at hometime, little learners were heading homeward several inches taller than when they'd arrived.

Such is Reception .

Upon entering our classroom...

Upon entering our classroom,
We ought to make it law,
That no one is allowed to look
Directly at our floor.

If you look down without a doubt,
A shock you will receive,
Just one glance at what's beneath your feet,
Will make you want to leave.

You'll find glitter encrusted playdough,

Pasta and runny glue,
Autumn leaves and porridge oats,
Stuck firmly to your shoe.

There'll be shiny bits of paper,
Cotton wool and cellophane,
All clinging to your trousers,
Beside that somewhat iffy stain.

As you dodge the fallen Lego,
And the discarded Lego Men,
We bet you all our glue sticks
That you won't be back again!

"Getting me coat on could be tricky!" 

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Giant leaps and tricky feet

Hurrah! The little Sunnyside learners have just completed their first ever half term in school.

Astonishingly, eight weeks has passed since those shy and somewhat bewildered little learners, took their first tentative steps into Sunnyside School's Reception Class. 

In that time, they've had to get to know and learn the names of each of the six strong team members responsible for their care and education. And let's face it, Mrs Jolly, Mrs Very Jolly, Miss Kind, Mrs Caring, Mrs Crayon and Mrs Organised, is quite a list of names to remember. They were also required to familiarise themselves with their immediate environment and surroundings, not to mention taking on board the rules, routines and behaviours of the setting, (which incidentally is a work in progress!!!) They've needed to learn very quickly how to organise themselves, and how to be more independent and self reliant.

Those clever little learners have worked very hard in order to achieve these tricky new skills. If that isn't enough, they have also learned a number phonic sounds and letters, and they can now recognise and identify numbers to ten. They have learned new songs, acquired new practical skills, and made new friends. What an achievement indeed!

As a reward for all their hard work, The Team arranged to take the little learners to Whippy Cove's local library today, where Mrs Librarian was waiting to read to them all. One of Mrs Librarian's stories, required the little learners to shout very loud at certain points in the story. The little learners were very happy to oblige with the shouting, as they aren't usually encouraged to shout indoors......... and especially not in a library!!!

The trip to the library followed the last PE session of the half term, and it was during the short walk back to school, that it was noted that several little learners were wearing their shoes on the wrong feet. So the first job once everyone had arrived back at school, was to sort the shoes. It was during the shoe sorting session, that one particular little learner indicated to Mrs Very Jolly that she had a sore foot. "Oh dear, what have you done to your foot?" Asked Mrs Very Jolly, fumbling to find the hole on the strap of the little learners shoe. "It's a merruca!" Said the little learner waving her right foot in the air. "Oh no! Not a merruca!" Said a smiling Mrs Very Jolly, "Have you got some cream or maybe some ointment at home to put on it?" Intently studying the sole of her foot, the little learner heaved an audible sigh of resignation. "No," said she, "I just have to let it hurt me!"

Well, that's one cheap and cheerful way of dealing with troublesome away with the creams and potions, and just let them hurt you!

My thingybob 

I may have overlooked
This funny something on me foot,
Because it grows a little bigger everyday.
There's no cream that I can squirt,
So I just have to let it hurt,
And hope this funny something goes away.
At first I thought it was a mole
This funny something on me sole,
But ridding this thing could be a tricky job.
And it really is a shame
That I can't pronounce it's name,
So I'll refer to it as just a thingybob!

"I've got a thingybob!"
"Well.....I've got two thingybobs!"

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Dinner gongs and poppadoms

Almost every little Reception Sunnysider to walk through the classroom door at 8:35 this morning, wanted to know one thing, and one thing long was it until lunchtime?
This question was asked repeatedly to all team members, by all little learners, making it seem like the longest morning in the history of long mornings! 

So what was the reason for this desperate little learner need to determine lunchtime? Well it was this.........a delicious sit down curry meal at one of Whippy Cove's finest Indian restaurants was awaiting them all at midday.

The Team had introduced the little learners to Diwali, the Hindu 'festival of lights' earlier in the week, so an Indian meal, in a real Indian restaurant was arranged to round off a week of Diwali activities and makes.  

The little learners were extremely excited at the prospect of eating out in a real restaurant, in spite of the fact that a number of them professed to not liking curry very much, with one little learner declaring that his Granddad's curry tasted like "horrible medicine".  

 It was huge relief to everyone when finally the clock struck 11.30 and it was time for the little learners to don their high visibility jackets, head out into to the Autumn air and make the short walk to Whippy Cove's busy high street. Sixty florescent little learners, walking two by two, excitedly snaked their way towards the sea front, catching enticing glimpses of the rolling waves as they marched along.

Their excitement reached fever pitch upon their arrival at the restaurant, and within seconds the hungry little learners had cast aside their coats and bright yellow jackets in readiness for their exotic lunch. 

The Team (as if by magic), transformed themselves into dinner ladies, dishing up and serving meal after meal, in an attempt to ensure that everyone was able to eat at the same time.

When finally the little learners had their piping hot meal in front of them, three things ensued. There were little learners devouring their meal in seconds and holding their plates aloft their heads, asking for more please! Little learners prodding their meal with a fork and gingerly taking minuscule mouthfuls, undecided whether their Chicken Korma and rice was nice or not! And then there were those little learners who flatly refused to even to even make eye contact with their dinner, and would only eat the chips which had been very thoughtfully included on the menu.

However, all Sunnysiders were unanimous in their enjoyment of the plentiful supply of accompanying poppadoms and naan bread. The whole experience of sitting down and eating out together in an Indian restaurant, is one that every Sunnysider will remember forever. As will the poor proprietors of said restaurant, following the massive clear up operation that must have taken place, upon the little learners' departure. Whoops!  

A question of curry

Some of us like curry,
And some of us do not.
For some it is delicious,
For others far too hot.

Some of us aren't sure,
But still try it once or twice.
We poke it with our fork,
Then pretend to eat the rice.

Some of us are mad for it,
And down it in one go.
But then we get the feeling,
That our head is going to blow!

 The rest of us won't let it
 Come in contact with our lips.
And we're the ones who'd much prefer 
Some sausages and chips! 

"No thank takes like cough medicine!"

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Fast cars and twisted trousers

Christmas came early for the little Sunnysiders of Whippy Cove today, in the shape of a large box filled to the brim with some brand new dress up and role play equipment

This generated tremendous excitement among the little Reception learners, because role play happens to be one of the most popular activities at Sunnyside School. The moment the box was opened, the setting was bustling with busy builders, lollipop men and women, firefighters, nurses, paramedics, and policemen. 

It was during a wrestling match between Mrs Organised, a pair of policeman's trousers and a little learner, (as Mrs Organised desperately tried to get the trousers over the little learner's shoes without removing them first, a tack tick that incidentally seldom works) that Mrs Organised asked the little learner what he knew about the role of a policeman. 

Having had many conversations with little learners in the past about policemen and their role within the community, she wasn't at all surprised when this particular little learner said exactly what all little learners say, and that is "they chase the baddies". However, when the battle with the trousers was finally won and the little learner was able to stand unaided, he added, "He can't do any watering jobs you know!"  Rising to her feet, an exhausted and slightly light headed Mrs Organised asked, "Why is that then?" "Because he hasn't got a hose!" Came the emphatic reply. "But he goes to school sometimes", continued the little policeman learner  "to talk about his nee-nars!" did ask Mrs Organised!

A policeman chases baddies

A policeman chases baddies
As everybody knows,
He can't ever deal with fires,
'Cause he hasn't got a hose!
A policeman's at his happiest
When chasing round in cars,
Especially when he has the chance
To turn on his nee-nars!! 

"Not so fast Sunny Jim.......I believe it's my turn to do the nee-nars!"

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Clipboards and tiny teachers

When a little learner approaches you with a clipboard and asks you if you want a school dinner or a packed lunch, it can only mean one thing......teacher play is afoot!

As Sunnyside School is awash with teacher play just now, the Reception Team see this as a very encouraging sign. It suggests that the little learners are happy and settled in their new environment, as well as becoming more and more familiar with the behaviours and routines of the setting.

In all corners, there are little teachers (and their clipboards) taking the register, reading stories and telling each other what's what, in no uncertain terms!

Following the twenty fifth time of being asked what she would like for lunch today (by twenty five different little learners), Mrs Crayon decided it was time to ask a question of her own. When the very next little learner approached her demanding to know what she was having for lunch, Mrs Crayon asked the clipboard armed little learner if she knew of anything else a teacher does all day. Tucking her clipboard under her arm and replacing the lid of her pen, the little learner thought for a moment or two. "Well...."  she began, "They see if you're here..... and they tell you to line up." Attempting to press the little learner for a bit more information, Mrs Crayon asked if she'd seen her teachers doing any other things during the day.  "Yes!" said the little learner attaching a fresh piece of paper to her clipboard, "they boss the kids about!"

Enough said............................except for this!!!

What is a teacher?

What is a teacher 
And what exactly do they do?
Well...........they make you put your hand up,
Then they stand you in a queue.

They ask you if you're here,
And what you want for lunch.
You should hear them in the staff room,
They're a very noisy bunch!

They make you hang your coat up 
Securely on your peg.
They show you how to bat a ball,
And balance on one leg.

They tell you to be quiet.
But then they make you sing.
When the classroom's in a mess,
They make you tidy everything.

They teach you how to write,
And encourage you to draw.
They give cuddles and an ice pack,
When you're hurt and feeling sore.

They fiddle with your buttons,
And sort your tricky zips.
Then they make you sit for hours
With your finger on your lips!

They help you with your numbers,
And teach you how to sew.
They make you go to toilet
When you just don't wanna go!!!

Sometimes they will whisper,
But other times they'll shout!
So all a teacher ever does,
Is boss us kids about!

"You can't be a teacher unless you're bossy and you've got a clipboard!"

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Pop stars and cauliflowers

Mrs Caring put her hand in a little learner's book bag this morning.

Nothing unusual there, except that instead of finding the little learners' reading book lying within, Mrs Caring was surprised to discover a tin of ravioli. As there was no accompanying tin opener in the book bag, she quickly deduced that the ravioli wasn't the little learner's lunch, it was in fact a very kind donation for Sunnyside School's up and coming Harvest Festival celebration. 

In addition to collecting tins and packets of food for charity, the little Reception learners have joined forces with year 1 in order to learn two songs to perform at the Harvest Festival Service. They will be singing about collecting piles of the biggest and best conkers ever, as well as a chugging, clattering rather huge and shiny red combine harvester.

The little learners love the combine harvester song and it's accompanying actions. In fact they love the actions so much, they sometimes forget to sing! So, to ensure there will be plenty of big voices on the day, Mrs Very Jolly took all the Reception learners along with their year 1 friends into the hall for one last practice before the service.

After priming the little learners by expressing the importance of remembering to actually sing, Mrs Very Jolly had the little learners in the palm of her hand, ready to give the best practice performance of their lives. She dashed to the CD player, pressed the button to start the CD, the little learners in turn took a collective deep breath, opened their mouths in readiness to sing the first line of Big Red Combine Harvester......And what do you know, out of the speakers blasted Elvis Presley and Blue Suede Shoes. As the little learners immediately sprung into action and began jiggling and giggling their Elvis impressions, it was obvious to everyone that the moment was lost!!

So the moral of the story here is.........Keep yer Big Red Combine Harvester well away from yer Blue Suede Shoes .....Mrs Very Jolly!  

When we sing of Harvest

When we sing of Harvest,
We sing of conkers, pears and wheat.
And we sing that we are thankful
For all the food we eat.

When we sing of Harvest, 
We sing of cauliflowers and beans.
And we sing of blackberry crumble,
(For when we've eaten up our greens.)

When we sing of Harvest,
We sing of combines cutting corn.
And we sing of the poor farmer
Who's been up since half past dawn.

When we sing of Harvest, 
It should be Harvest songs we choose.
So what's with singing Elvis
And his precious Blue Suede Shoes?!

"Who cares why we're singing Elvis at Harvest...........I say we sing him at Christmas too!"

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Trapped grasshoppers and missing onions

There exists an extremely popular activity, which involves large numbers of little learners and a multitude of 'things'........ big and small! 

This particular activity is carried out pretty much on a daily basis, right throughout the setting, and frustratingly and inexplicably far from the gaze of all the grown ups at Sunnyside School.   

Whilst the team has had many years of experience dealing with the aftermath of this secretive activity, to date, not one single team member has ever spied a little learner in the act!  

So what on earth is this secretive activity which requires cunning, perfect timing and sleight of hand? Well, the answer is....... posting. 

The subject of posting has been touched on before in previous Sunnyside stories, see Sharp teeth and little postman and Dominoes and Little Mo and it was here that we first read about a little learners' love of posting things! Given the opportunity, little learners will post anything, anywhere. In the home corner for instance, it is common place to find a mixture of sea creatures and wax crayons in the microwave, or a plastic grasshopper jammed inside a teapot and the team barely raise an eyebrow when they find themselves struggling to release a wedged Lego man from the very depths of a toaster! 

When it becomes necessary to move furniture (in the hope of finding whole puzzles, let alone any missing pieces), the team know to braise themselves in readiness for what is about to come cascading out. Lurking within the tumbling mound of 'things' will be every piece of construction known to man, along with small world figures, play food, play money, felt pens, glue sticks, cars, counters, dice, pegs and much, much more.   

To capitalize on this mania for posting, the team created "Lester the hungry lion", a literacy resource whereby little learners could post sounds and simple cvc words into his gaping jaws. When he was introduced to the little Reception learners of last year, they immediately seized the opportunity to post their learnt sounds and words, however, they also took full advantage of Lester's wide and smiley jaws to post everything from a pig puppet to a cash register!

So here we are just a few weeks in of a brand new academic year, with a brand new contingent of little learners, and already posting is in full swing. Miss Kind was able to confirm this today, when she found herself trying to retrieve half a dozen pirate figures and a plastic onion posted deep inside the garden hedge! 


What we love the most,
Is finding things to post.
And we post things almost every single day.
We'll post things anywhere,
We honestly don't care,
And when we've posted things we tend to run away!

When the Lego is all gone, 
Well, that's when we move on,
To look around for other things to post.
When the grown ups have had enough,
And start asking, "Where's our stuff?
We say, "We dunno, it must have been a ghost!"

Now, sometimes things are such,
Where we've posted far too much.
So the grown ups need to have a word and say.
"Let's get everybody clearing,
Until things start reappearing,
And no one is allowed to run away!!!"

Plastic sharks and plastic ants,
Both retrieved from someone's pants,
Heaven only knows who posted them down there.
We're not sure what to do, 
With what's been posted down the loo,
Just fetch the rubber gloves we're going to need a pair!"

When all the tidying is done
There'll be no more posting fun,
Comes the warning when it's home time every day.
But, then we get the posting itch,
And our fingers start to twitch,
So we post a little something on our way!!!

"I don't do posting any more.... do you?"