Sunday, 1 December 2013

Green cats and yucky fish!

Night and and night!

Which ever way we like to say it, night and day happens to be the current topic for the little Reception learners at Sunnyside School.

This afternoon groups of little learners were involved in a variety of activities looking at some of the differences between day and night. They discussed the kinds of jobs that might be carried out at night-time, and those that are carried in the day. Digging up roads and working at Tesco were two very popular suggestions for night-time jobs, and digging up roads and working at Tesco were two very popular suggestions for daytime jobs! 

Mrs Caring's group of little learners shared their knowledge of nocturnal animals during an animal drawing activity. And it was during this drawing activity that Mrs Caring learnt a very interesting animal fact indeed.  

A little learner was concentrating on drawing a picture of a cat and a moon, when he suddenly set his crayons down on the table and announced, "I know cats go hunting at night-time!" Grabbing a post-it note and a pen (in anticipation of an immanent little learner gem), Mrs Caring asked the little learner what kind of animal a cat might go hunting for. Before the little learner could utter a response, his friend who was working alongside him, (and who also happened to be drawing a cat and a moon) called out, "Rats and mice!" The first little learner immediately rose out of his chair, and with hands planted firmly on hips, said to his friend, "No, no, no........ they don't hunt for rats and mice..........they hunt for Couscous!" Expecting a prolonged and even heated exchange of, Oh no they don't!.........Oh yes they do, between the two chums, the little learners' friend instead replied, "Oh yeah......they do hunt Couscous don't they!" 

Mrs Caring had the distinct feeling that she was missing something here. So she thought she would Google, Couscous hunting cats when she got home!!!

Mrs Crayon on the other hand, couldn't wait to get home to pen a verse about it. 

Down with fish

I'm not keen on Haddock,
I don't care for Cod.
I've gone off Tuna
Which does seem odd!
If I'm honest, 
I hate all fish,
I want freshly caught Couscous 
In my dish!

"What does a cat have to do for a bit of Couscous for heaven's sake!"

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