Friday, 20 December 2013

Tea towels and donkey ears

So......the sparkles are out, a ton of glitter is once again embedded in the carpet, bits of cellophane and shiny paper are stuck to everything and everyone, donkey ears, shepherd crooks, and angel wings sit in listing piles upon every surface, excited and industrious little learners are busy with their Christmas makes, Christmas carols ring out around the setting, and throughout all the festive hullabaloo, baby Jesus sleeps peacefully in his crib on top of the paint drying wrack. 

Yes, it's that time again.......time for the Sunnyside Christmas Nativity performance.

This year, The Team plans to keep a very close eye on baby Jesus following his sudden and very alarming disappearance minutes before the opening of last years Nativity. During the panic, a replacement baby Jesus was found and with seconds to spare it was Laa-Laa the Teletubby who ended up swaddled in the crib alongside a somewhat astonished Mary and Joseph! 

Most of this year's little Sunnyside learners are terribly excited at the prospect of performing in a nativity play, however one particular and somewhat reluctant little performer announced to Miss Kind that he would not be taking part unless he was allowed to be a cowboy or a ghost!  

Although the little learners have participated in a number of rehearsals, for some of them there still seems to be a little confusion surrounding the definition a nativity play. The Team only know this because they've overheard little learners inviting people to church to come and watch their circus! 

One can only imagine how that might go!        

Nativity Pains

I don't ever wanna be
In a school nativity,
Because of all the silly things you have to wear.
Like a tea towel on your head,
Like a sheet from some old bed,
And an itchy bit of tinsel in your hair!

You have to carry awkward things,
While you wrestle with some wings,
And you're not allowed to talk, or laugh, or frown.
You have to trundle up the aisle,
Wearing nothing but a smile,
And a rather unattractive dressing gown.

Then someone has to be
The nativity donkey,
And that's the part that fills us all with dread.
It's the worst of all our fears,
To have to wear them donkey ears,
As the wretched things keep falling off your head!

Then on top of everything
There's a tonne of songs to sing,
And that's when we become all fidgety.
But if you're feeling really brave,
You can give your mum a wave,
And try to tell her that you're desperate for a wee!

"I need a wee!"

Happy Christmas everyone.......see you in the new year!

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