Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Missing heads and spotty bottoms

It may well be early November, but Christmas was on everybody's minds in the Reception Class at Sunnyside School today.

Whilst it isn't time just yet to dust the cobwebs off the nativity donkey and his fellow four-legged stable friends in preparation for the Sunnyside Christmas performance, it is time however to think about......Christmas cards!  

As part of an exciting whole school fundraising project, little learners throughout Sunnyside School have the opportunity to see their original artwork turned into high quality full colour printed Christmas cards, which parents and carers will be invited to purchase in the coming weeks.

So this very afternoon, as marvellous images of snowmen, Father Christmas, Christmas trees, Christmas Robins, Christmas Ninja Turtles, and Christmas Power Rangers began to emerge from the specially provided paper, the classroom was also buzzing with a great deal of Christmassy chit-chat from the participating little learners. And it was while Mrs Crayon was overseeing their artistic endeavours, she learned that these little artists have never seen real snow before, or at least they don't remember seeing real snow in their short lifetime. 

Mrs Crayon then began to reminisce about an afternoon in early March, several years ago now, when a significant amount of snow unexpectedly fell out of the sky during the school day, and after it had stopped and settled, the euphoric little learners of the day were able to head out into the garden to build their very own snowman. 

And what a magnificent snowman he was! Sporting Lego Bricks for eyes, tangerine peel for a nose, ivy twigs arms, a flowerpot hat, and a pair of spotty pyjama bottoms for a scarf, he stood tall and resplendent in the wintry sunshine. 
He stood tall and resplendent for a mere thirty seconds, because in the time it took Mrs Crayon to reach for her camera in order to photograph this snowy vision, his head had departed his body, and completely vanished into thin air. Both Miss Kind and Mrs Caring, who'd been in the garden with the little learners the entire time, couldn't account for this puzzling occurrence, and the little Sunnysiders themselves were as equally baffled by their snowman's sudden lack of head. However, when Miss Kind and Mrs Caring posed the question, 'Who broke the snowman?', the garden was immediately filled with hurling accusations, and a great deal of finger pointing, as a somewhat guilty looking group began blaming one another for carrying out the dastardly deed.    

After several minutes of listening to a chorus of, 'It wasn't me, I didn't do it!', Miss Kind and Mrs Caring suddenly became aware that the once portly body of the snowman was busy shrinking in the afternoon sunshine. Consequently, the race was on to fashion a new head for their ever diminishing snowman before all that was left of him was his pyjama bottoms!  

To this day, it remains a complete mystery as to the circumstances surrounding the apparent evaporation of the Sunnyside snowman's head, so as Mrs Crayon delighted in yet another depiction of Father Christmas as a Nijna Turtle, she decided it was high time she paid homage to this unresolved whodunnit.    

Who Broke The Snowman!

Who broke the snowman 
If it wasn't you or me?
Well someone's knocked his block off 
And it's such a tragedy. 
He's got a nice round body, 
With buttons one, two, three,
But sadly there's an empty space 
Right where his head should be!

Who broke the snowman 
If it wasn't you or me?
Was it done on purpose 
Or accidentally?
He once stood majestic, 
And as tall as a tree,
But since he lost his noggin, 
He's shrunk dramatically!

Who broke the snowman
If it wasn't you or me?
Well, someone round here did it
And it's such a mystery.
Perhaps there is a snowman thief
In the vicinity,
Or could it be a gust of wind
That's caused this vacancy? 

Who broke the snowman? 
We don't know who to blame.
Maybe it was thingybob,
Or even whatshisname.
We've done our best to fix him,
But he just don't look the same!
So let's pretend our snowy friend,
Was like this when we came!

"It wasn't me!"
"And it definitely wasn't me!"