Saturday, 29 July 2017

Crafty kids and missing lids

If you want to see a little learner disappear into thin air, just shout "tidy up time!" It works every time....sadly!

Without exception the call to tidy up will send little learners scurrying off to all corners of the setting in their desperate attempts to shy away from the inevitable monumental clear up at the end of the school day. 

The Sunnyside Reception team have over the years wised up to this cunning little learner tactic, and have devised a variety of strategies to try and convince their charges that tidy up time is FUN! However, there are some little Sunnysiders who remain unconvinced that fun can be had from tidying up a toy explosion, and will consequently dream up a myriad of excuses as to why they should be relieved of any such duties. Much like the forward thinking little learner this afternoon, who managed to rope in a few of his chums to help him achieve his 'tidy up time' get-out clause.

It all began just prior to 'tidy o'clock' when Mrs Organised became aware (as she was straightening out the creative trolley) that there was a distinct lack of red crayons in each of the crayon pots. All other colours were present and correct, and upon closer inspection Mrs Organised also spotted that there were no red felt pens to be seen either. How strange thought she scanning the classroom for possible clues as to their whereabouts. As she scanned the room, her eyes fell upon the home corner where she spied four little learners huddled together deeply engrossed in something that involved much wittering and twittering and a good deal of masking tape. 
"Is everyone okay over there?" called a curious and somewhat suspicious Mrs Organised. 
Since her inquiry appeared to have fallen on deaf ears, Mrs O gingerly edged her way over to the still very preoccupied group and asked, "Children are you busy tidying at all?" 
Like a parting of the proverbial waves, the little group stepped aside the table they were huddled round to reveal a seated little learner swathed head to toe in what appeared to be blood stained dressings. 
"Heavens!" shrieked Mrs Organised, addressing the embalmed little learner before her, "what on earth has happened to you?"  
"I've broken all my knee caps," whimpered the forlorn invalid, pointing to the 'bloodied' paper towels bound to his trousers by the classroom's yearly supply of masking tape. 
"Broken your knee caps? shrilled Mrs O, trying to digest the gory scene before her, "and a good deal more besides I see!" 
It was now that she spotted all the missing red crayons and felt pens (minus their lids) as they lay strewn across the table and all over the floor. As the penny began to drop as to what was going on here, Mrs O suggested that everyone should work together to pick everything up off the floor before anyone else had such a dreadful accident. 
"He can't tidy up with broken knee caps!" responded one of the wounded learner's accomplices. 
"Oh that so!" stated Mrs O, retrieving the scattered lids to the topless pens. "Well...there's only one thing for it then," she continued,......"I must phone for an ambulance straight away!"  
Hearing this, the maimed little learner staggered to his paper towel bound feet and croaked, "No, don't do that......can you just phone my Mummy to come and get me right now? "And"...he continued, limping his way towards his coat peg, "can you tell her to bring m' Spider-Man scooter!" 
"Well that's not happening", tutted an indignant Mrs O, blocking the little learners path to his belongings and peeling back the wool from over her eyes!

A lame excuse

My foot is sprained, my head is gashed,
The bones in all my limbs are smashed!
I'm sorry there's no earthly way
That I can tidy up today.
The doctor says is for the best, 
I give my arms and legs a rest.
On top of that it would appear,
He thinks I'll be like this all year!

"I'm a scooting miracle!"