Sunday, 22 June 2014

Travel plans and traffic jams

Hurrah, the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games are almost upon us! 

With the opening ceremony just 31 days away, Sunnyside School is celebrating this international multi-sport event by naming all classes in the school after some of the participating nations.

As the Reception Class will now be referred to as 'Ghana Class' for the duration of the games, Mrs Very Jolly was very keen today to seek out some interesting facts about this sub-Saharan country. So where better thought she, than to start with the little learners themselves. 

It is an established fact that little learners everywhere know absolutely everything about absolutely everything. With that in mind, Mrs Very Jolly began her fact finding quest by asking the little learners in her class if they knew where Ghana was in the world. As quick as a grasshopper in a Formula 1 racing car, a little hand shot into the air with it's exuberant owner shouting out to the group that Ghana was near the library!

This then seemed to open up an enormous can of worms, as a rather heated debate erupted amongst the little learners as to the actual whereabouts of Ghana. As some little learners agreed that Ghana was near the library, others were adamant it was next to the theatre. One particular little learner said he'd seen it by the zoo, whereas another argued that it was "up north".

Whilst Mrs Very Jolly was encouraged by the latter suggestion of "up north", as it did at least venture off the Isle of Wight and on to the mainland, she still felt that she needed to give the little learners a helping hand, by whipping out her whizzy world globe in order to pinpoint Ghana's exact position on the map. 

However, the very idea of popping in to Ghana after returning one's books to the library, seemed an excellent one as far as Mrs Very Jolly was concerned .  

Isle of World

Say you wanna go to Ghana,
You don't have to go by plane,
You just turn right at the library
And head on down the lane.
When you reach the theatre,
Ghana stares you in the face,
You honestly can't miss it,
It's such a massive place!

When you've had enough of Ghana,
Just continue down the lane,
Simply walk around the corner
And you'll find yourself in Spain!
If you go a little further,
And when you have the chance,
Walk directly past the zoo,
And then you'll be in France.

If you're feeling tired and hungry
And you need a cuppa tea,
Catch the number thirty bus,
And ask for Germany.
When it's getting near to bedtime 
And you wanna head back home,
Don't turn left at the pet shop,
Or you'll end up stuck in Rome!

It's a small world!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Annoying pets and yummy baguettes

The first little learner to step into the classroom this morning, did so by announcing to the world that he was a tuna baguette! 

He was of course sharing his choice of school dinner for today, but it is spur-of-the moment and out of context statements such as this one, that always manages to raise a smile and a good o'l chuckle among the Reception Team at Sunnyside School. Indeed, such statements positively enhance their day. It is also statements such as this one that continues to keep Mrs Crayon well stocked with some splendid doodle and rhyming material.

Other classic little learner one-liners have included: "I've got a kangaroo in my book bag", "There's an elephant in my pond", and "I've got an Easter egg blocking my throat".

However, it was the little learner who announced to The Team, that his hamster repeated everything he said, that has always firmly stuck in Mrs Crayon's rhyming mind. And just as the whole dinner lady trapping incident featured in last week's post prompted a long over due rhyme, so has the notion of an overly chatty hamster.

So.....take it away once more Mrs Crayon!

I bought m'self a hamster

I bought m'self a hamster,
But he's gettin' on me wick,
It seems he has developed
An irritating trick.
For everything I say to him 
He then says back to me,
I never knew a hamster
Could chatter endlessly.
At first I found him funny,
So I showed him to me mates.
But now he's gone beyond a joke
'Cause on me nerves he grates!
I think it's time he took a hike
'Cause in my family,
There's room for just one chatterbox,
And that chatterbox is ME!

"I should have bought a rabbit!"

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Dust pans and dinner ladies

There is something afoot! 

Something mysterious involving the classroom dustpan and brush! It, along with all it's subsequent replacements are vanishing from the Sunnyside Reception classroom.

The Team are not only puzzled by these dustpan disappearances, they are also extremely frustrated by them, because without a dust pan and brush, ridding the classroom floor of a ton of rice, pasta, and out of season glitter, is a virtual impossibility. Therefore, it has become absolutely necessary lately for the Reception Team to appeal to the caring and sharing nature of the Sunnyside School dinner ladies for the use of one of their state of the art, 'no need for bending', industrial strength dust pan and brushes. 

And it is this somewhat uninspiring, yet absolutely vital classroom implement that has inspired Mrs Crayon's rhyme today. 

As she was carefully considering how best to ask a kindly dinner lady for the use of her dustpan and brush yet again, she was suddenly reminded of the time when a dinner lady entered the Reception classroom, (to retrieve her unreturned dust pan and brush) in which Mrs Very Jolly was clearing away the aftermath of a Papier Mache activity. The resulting copious amounts of runny glue and newspaper coating the classroom floor, caused the poor unsuspecting dinner lady to stick firmly to it. 

When the combined hysterical laughter of Mrs Very Jolly, trapped dinner lady, and little learners had subsided, they all managed to compose themselves long enough to release the poor dinner lady from her sticky snare.

Whilst Mrs Crayon celebrated this unlikely yet hilarious episode with a doodle some time ago, she has long felt it her duty to compliment said doodle with a short and snappy rhyme.

So here it is..........better late than never Mrs Crayon!

If you want to trap a dinner lady. 

If you want to trap a dinner lady
All you have to do, 
Is take away her pan and brush,
And coat the floor with glue.
When she comes to look for them
Of this you can be sure,
She'll find herself completely stuck,
To your classroom floor!