Saturday, 28 March 2015

Jolly jaunts and raisins

Did you know that the ceremonial guardians of the Tower of London, popularly known as Beefeaters, not only eat beef, they eat chicken as well? Did you also know that the current British Monarch is actually called 'Queen Vic-Livia' and not Queen Elizabeth at all? Are you aware that Queen 'Vic-Livia' sits quietly in her bedroom each day because she is forbidden to speak to anyone.......ever? 

These pearls of royal wisdom were revealed by the Reception learners of Sunnyside School today. 

Yes, Sunnyside School has gone all royal by launching headlong into an exciting 'Kings and Queens' topic as part of a whole school learning experience. So to get things started, small groups of Reception learners participated in a brainstorming activity about the current British Royal family. It was during said brainstorming activity that the little learners delivered a whole range of fascinating if not quirky royal insights.

As well as conveying the favourite nosh of a Beefeater, the Reception learners also divulged details of the Queen's own rather specialised dietary preferences, the truth about her favourite mode of transport, the arrangements regarding the storage of her jewels, what her crown is made of, who it is that guards her castle, and the official name of her faithful and fearless husband.

The Sunnyside Team are therefore delighted to share with you these hitherto unknown royal facts via the rhyming couplets of Sunnyside team member, Mrs Crayon. amazed, be very amazed!

About the Queen...

She's married to Prince Charming,
Her crown is made of ice,
She's not allowed to speak a word,
Which can't be very nice.

Her jewels sit in a cupboard
Under lock and key,
She eats raisins for her breakfast
And bananas for her tea.

Prince Charming guards the castle
Armed with his trustee 'spike',
Whilst Her Royal Highness
Tours round London on her bike!

"One could pedal twice round London after a bowl of one's raisins!"