Monday, 16 February 2015

Chicken wings and camel pants

Pants, pants, pants, pants, pants! 

It doesn't matter how many times you say it or how often, little learners everywhere will laugh out loud the moment they hear the word pants! 

For some reason little learners find pants funny. They like to talk about pants and they especially love to read stories all about pants. They even like to show you their pants when they're especially proud of them! So it goes without saying that when Mrs Very Jolly told the little Sunnyside learners that 'Aliens love underpants' was story of the week this week, they responded with their usual outburst of raucous laughter as well as cries of "Ooh! Mrs Very Jolly said pants!"

This fascination with all things pants subsequently lead to the reading of other stories about pants this week, (yes are there are quite a few) and it was while Mrs Very Jolly was sharing the book 'Pantsby Giles Andreae with the group, that the focus suddenly switched from pants to........camels!

One of the many hilarious pictures by Nick Sharratt features a camel sporting a pair of pants on his humps. As the little learners rolled around in hysterics at this delightful vision, Mrs Very Jolly posed the question to them all of what a camel might store inside his humps. After she did so, the classroom fell uncharacteristically silent for what seemed an age as the now fully recovered little learners considered their answers. It was a huge relief to Mrs Very Jolly when eventually a lone hand tentatively rose skyward.

"Ooh! do you know poppet what a camel might store in his humps?" an excited Mrs Very Jolly asked the plucky little learner in question. Mrs Very Jolly felt sure the answer she was going to hear to this camel conundrum was going to be water (a common misconception among little learners,) so she was rather baffled to say the least when this particular little learner said........'acorns'! 

As she tried unsuccessfully to stifle a fit of her own giggles upon hearing this completely original and slightly out there suggestion, Mrs Very Jolly was then treated to a barrage of other suggestions from the rest of the group which included, Jaffa Cakes, chicken wings, apple crumble, bananas, popcorn, spaghetti hoops, ice cream and fish fingers. 

Whilst Mrs Very Jolly felt truly enlightened (if not a little hungry) by these camel revelations, Mrs Crayon on the other hand felt truly inspired and could instantly feel a camel poem coming on!  

Let's celebrate the camel

Let's celebrate the camel and his two amazing humps,
In one he keeps his acorns, in the other sugar lumps.
There's room inside for chicken wings, for popcorn, and for cake,
If you're going on a picnic it's a camel you should take. 

When you're longing of an ice cream, the camel will provide,
He's got so many flavours, you will struggle to decide.
If you ever fancy sausages with gravy and some mash,
The camel's got it all, and he won't even want your cash.

So when next you see a camel and his two amazing humps,
You'll know those things upon his back are more than just two bumps.
You may think they're holding water, but there're hiding so much more,
Which makes the clever camel.....Mother Nature's superstore! 

"Mum says do you do prawn balls?"