Saturday, 19 September 2015

Jingle bells and jungle yells

Hurrah for squeaky shoes and pristine uniforms, for it can only mean one thing - a new academic year has begun!

It is now the turn of the 2015-2016 cohort of Sunnysiders to tell their story and to share their thoughts and feelings about life at 'big school'.  
There to guide and support them as they journey through the Reception Class at Sunnyside School, are team members Mrs Very Jolly, Mrs Organised, Miss Kind, and Mrs Crayon.

As always, a busy and eventful year awaits little learners and grown ups alike, so in order that the coming days run safely and smoothly the Team's immediate focus is on 'settling in' procedures and establishing the routines and rules of the setting. In addition, through a host of fun filled activities, the Sunnyside Team will be helping the little learners to develop their sound awareness and listening skills. 

With that in mind, the little Sunnysiders participated in a game on the Smart board today with the emphasis on getting them attuned to the sounds around them. As they listened to a mix of environmental and animal sounds, the group was required to identify and name each of them.
It was all going swimmingly with excited little learners recognising sounds left right and centre.......until that is, they were exposed to the famous cry of none other than Tarzan.
It has to be said that both Mrs Very Jolly and Mrs Crayon were a little surprised to hear the famed ape-man amongst the mewing cats and grunting pigs, not to mention the chugging combine harvester and the ka-chings of a cash register. So, as a deathly silence fell amongst the somewhat bewildered group, Mrs Very Jolly thought she'd help them out by setting Tarzan off again. And again...and again. And just as a despairing Mrs Crayon was contemplating sticking Lego bricks in her ears to protect them from the annoying yodels of the loin-clothed jungle hero, a little voice piped up and announced, "I know what it's Father Christmas!" 

So there you go....before we've whipped the baubles from our Christmas trees, and slung the decorations into the loft for another year, Santa Claus has already shed his iconic scarlet coat, popped on a fetching loincloth, and is merrily swinging through the Chewing Gum trees in a jungle far, far, away!

If you go into the forest today

If you go into the forest today
You're sure of a big surprise.
For swinging in the canopy
Is Santa in disguise.
You'll find it hard to spot him there
Because he's up so high.
But if you listen carefully 
You'll hear his jungle cry!

Not everybody knows this fact,
But Santa's not one man.
For when he isn't Santa Claus
He's actually Tarzan! 
So when December comes around,
And Santa has to leave,
He jets back to the North Pole
In time for Christmas Eve!

"Just one more swing.....and then I'm off!"