Saturday, 13 December 2014

Vampires and grumpy shepherds

Fasten yer seatbelts everyone....Christmas has cometh! 

Once again glitter and sparkles of every kind has found it's way to all the four corners of the Sunnyside classroom, dusting floors, surfaces and every scrap of furniture on it's way. 

As Mrs Very Jolly crunched her way across the classroom carpet this morning in order to grab a quick sip of her glitter topped cup of coffee, which was situated atop the glitter coated sink drainer, she knew for sure that Christmas had well and truly descended upon Sunnyside School.

And with the glitter and the sparkles comes the not to be missed Sunnyside School Nativity. However, before said Nativity can be deemed as 'not to be missed', the little learners (and Team) must first weather some serious Nativity rehearsals. 

With a cast of sixty angels, shepherds, innkeepers, sheep, cattle, donkeys, the all important Mary and Joseph (plus their understudies) to herd and direct over the coming days, it will be testing times indeed for everyone involved. As Mrs Crayon tried to console the disgruntled shepherds (disgruntled because they wanted to be Christmas vampires), whilst attempting to remove the green pearlescent paint that adorned the face of the poor baby Jesus, she also had to give some thought to his crib which unfortunately appeared to have two missing legs. 
Oh dear! Testing times might just be an understatement. Never mind Mrs Crayon there's always lashings of glittery coffee to steady your nerves!

Mary's Lament

Away in a manger, 
No crib for a bed,
And so we are using 
A milk crate instead.

The stars in the bright sky 
Won't stay on the wall,
Which means the poor shepherds 
See nothing at all.

The cattle are scrapping, 
And so are the sheep.
The angels are crying 
And Joseph's asleep.

I love thee Lord Jesus, 
Tho' you look a mess,
You're covered in playdough 
And wearing a dress.

Be near me, Lord Jesus, 
I ask thee to stay
Don't fall out my arms 
And end up in the hay.

Bless all the dear children 
As they trudge up the aisle,
Pray they don't pick their nose 
But remember to smile.

Away in a manger, 
We're glad you could come,
Now I'm needing a wee 
And I'm missing me Mum.

The innkeeper's lost it, 
The donkey has fled,
My teachers look peaky,
In fact they've fainted.

"'s just you and me then that hasn't gone to pieces!"