Monday, 29 May 2017

Flat caps and deaf dogs

The Reception Team at Sunnyside School love Fridays! 

Fridays means book sharing morning. This is a positively lovely time where the Reception learners have the opportunity to pair up and share their reading books with one another. It also affords the Team the opportunity to do a bit of eavesdropping and carry out a few observations on the little learners as they discuss the pictures in their books.

It was Mrs Crayon who was drawn to the two little learners seated across from her by the sink deep in conversation as they scrutinised one of the illustrations in their reading book.

Making her way over to the sink and then pretending to wash up absolutely nothing, Mrs Crayon glanced over her shoulder to see that the little learners were poring over a very colourful and busy park scene. 

In it were two children of unequal size and weight getting nowhere on a seesaw with the smaller and lighter child clinging on for dear life as it hung precariously in mid-air! There was a young man blasting on the whistle slung round his neck trying to retrieve his apparently deaf dog, who was running in the opposite direction with an irate gentleman's flat cap in its mouth. A baby in a pushchair was screaming blue murder since the Mr Whippy she was undoubtedly enjoying moments before, was now busy melting in the grass. A small boy was hotfooting it back to his mum as the football he'd just booted across the park had frightened a tabby cat from out of a bush which happened to be the home of a nesting blackbird. Across the middle of the page a mother duck leading her brood of six ducklings to safety, was desperately trying to navigate her way past the deaf dog and the jet propelled tabby. And all the while two ladies with bouffant hairdos and heavy makeup were sat on one of the park benches chatting nine thousand to the dozen, absolutely oblivious to the mayhem going on around them. 

Whilst the two little learners were not at all impressed with the overly made up and "not very helpful chatterboxes" on the park bench, they were also terribly concerned about the little and desperately sad chappy, whose balloon was ascending into the stratosphere because he'd unfortunately let go of the string. 

As Mrs Crayon continued to wash and scrub imaginary paintbrushes and paint pots, she heard one of the little learners impart to her reading partner that, "If you let go of the string of your will go up, and up, and up, and up, and up, and up, until it gets to heaven....and then you won't ever see it again, and that's that!" Anxious to hear how the little learner's friend was going to react to this very definite statement, Mrs Crayon clasped the sink and leaned over to hear the second little learner clear her throat and say, "Well.....if you like God you can ask him to come down and get it for you!"

Well, it's worth a try!!


Excuse me please, if you don't mind,
There's something I need you to find!
If up there my balloon you see,
Please could you give it back to me?

"Tell him yours is the red one!"