Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Smelly cheese and yucky peas

There is just enough time before the new term begins on 4th September to squeeze in one more of Mrs...

It has to be said, the following isn't strictly a conversation, it can only really be described as a little learner rant, especially as Mrs Crayon is sure that she observed steam billowing from the little learner's ears, as he stood aloft his proverbial soap box to say his piece. 

So what on earth was it that had so displeased this normally mild mannered and even tempered little learner? Well it was all to do with the subject of family holidays.  

Mrs Crayon was sitting in the writing area having a very enjoyable and informative chat with several excited little learners about their prospective and fast approaching family holidays, when the little learner in question joined the lively exchange. 

"When I went to the Philippines....... I went to somewhere very interesting.....I went to a supermarket!" Said he, in his usual buoyant manner.  It was then that his mood changed, his eyebrows narrowed, his nostrils flared and with hands planted firmly on his hips, the now almost incensed little learner broadcast to everyone present, "It was very, very, very hot and it was very, very, very, very smelly. They had horrid smelly pasta, horrid smelly sausages and HORRID SMELLY EVERYTHING!!!"

 Baffled by this extraordinary and sudden outburst, Mrs Crayon did a bit of digging and later learned from the little learner's parents that in recent months this irate little Sunnysider seems to have developed a particularly sensitive nose, and smells have become somewhat of an issue. So it wouldn't have mattered if he was shopping in a supermarket in the Philippines or his local in Whippy Cove itself, his reaction would have been exactly the same.

Mrs Crayon however, couldn't let this heated outpouring pass without celebrating it first with a rhyme and a doodle.  

Smelly Everything!

I have the kind of nose,
That is sensitive to smell,
Just the whiff of something horrid
And I start to feel unwell.

I turn a shade of green, 
And my legs become like jelly,
I have been known to faint 
When things are really, really smelly!

I can't stand the smell of sausages,
I can't bear the smell of cheese,
Take away that smelly pasta 
And those ghastly smelly peas.

I won't eat that smelly jam,
Nor will I touch that smelly bread,
You can keep your smelly eggs,
And your putrid chocolate spread.

I don't like the smell of flowers,
I detest the smell of trees,
I pass out when antiseptic
Is dabbed on my grazed knees.

I won't pass a smelly bin,
Or put on a smelly shoe.
I won't have a smelly dog, 
In case he does a smelly poo!

So there's only one thing for it,
And here's what I propose,
I'm going to take my pointy fingers
And stick 'em up my nose!!!

"Uh-Oh! It's smelly spaghetti with smelly bolognese!!"

Friday, 23 August 2013

Lost trousers and Whippy cream

It seems impossible to believe that the count down is on until the long, and as it's transpired, very sunny summer holiday is at an end! 

The new academic year is just around the corner, which means a brand new troupe of navy blue uniformed little learners will walk through the front gates to Sunnyside School for the first time, and it will be their story that Mrs Crayon will be doodling and rhyming about all year long.

But... before that happens let's enjoy another of Mrs.....
...brought to you courtesy of one of the little Sunnyside learners of September 2012.

This conversation took place in the Reception classroom just a few days before the summer break, on an afternoon where all the little learners were happily engaged in their various chosen activities. 

The little learner in question came to sit alongside Mrs Crayon after she'd chosen to visit the very popular role play area, and where she'd selected the top half of a policeman's outfit to wear along with some fireman's trousers which she was sporting on her lower half. "I'm still a policeman even though I'm wearing fireman's trousers!" Announced the little learner to Mrs Crayon. "I couldn't find any policeman's trousers." She explained. "There's no harm in wearing a pair fireman's trousers when you can't find a pair of policeman's!" Reassured Mrs Crayon. The contented little learner then preceded to tell Mrs Crayon about a trip to London that she was going to be taking with her family at some point during the summer holiday. With lightning speed, Mrs Crayon reached for her post it pad and pen and noted down every word the little learner imparted to her about her forthcoming expedition.  

And hear it is in all it's royal glory!!!!

"When you go to London you see the Queen's home and you can go there for a 'queen tea'. You have tea and a scone with lots and lots of white stuff on it so it's cream....and you have cookie biscuits and cream. The Queen sets the table and you have it with her!"

Mrs Crayon was jolly thrilled to discover that Sunnyside School had it's very own royal commentator. The moment the little learner had finished her royal reporting, Mrs Crayon's Biro started to twitch, as a royal rhyme began to formulate deep within her inspired head.

Queen Tea

I'm thrilled and I'm excited,
Because today I've been invited,
To have a cuppa tea with the Queen.
Did you know that she is able,
To set the royal table,
And load it up with scones and squirty cream?
She'll sit beside you on her throne,
And butter you a scone,
Then present you with a royal pot of tea.
When you've drained your final cup,
She does all the washing up,
Then sits down to watch the soaps on her TV!

"Would one like more scone with one's cream?"

Friday, 16 August 2013

Squishy shapes and gobstoppers

As the little learners continue to enjoy their long summer break, here is another of Mrs........

Little learners love to share what they know. The Sunnyside little learners are no exception and it doesn't matter what they're doing, the team will always stop to listen to anything a little learner has to say or would like to share.

This delightful conversation happened just a few weeks before the end of the summer term and it followed a week of activities focusing on three dimensional shape.

As Mrs Crayon was busy preparing and setting up a shape activity, she suddenly became aware of a little learner standing beside her and intently watching her every move. Instead of the usual barrage of 'what you doing' and 'why' questions that normally follows a period of grown-up watching, this little learner unexpectedly piped up, "I know about 3-D shape I do!" Mrs Crayon immediately stopped what she was doing, grabbed a post it note and pen and drew up a little learner size chair to sit upon. "What can you tell me about 3-D shape poppet?" she asked with pen poised in anticipation. "Well.....," began the little learner scanning the ceiling as if her answer was scribed across it, "I know that a puffed up square is a cube, and a puffed up rectangle is a cuboid, a puffed up circle is a 'sophia' (meaning sphere), and........I even know what a puffed up triangle is called!" 
"Do you poppet." replied Mrs Crayon damping down the flames from the end of her red hot Biro. "I'm not sure I do, perhaps you can tell me." 
With her pen poised once again, an eager Mrs Crayon was ready to jot down the little learner's definition of a puffed up triangle. "A puffed up triangle," announced the little learner emphatically, "is called a pyramint!"

As a smiling Mrs Crayon wrote the word 'pyramint' on her post it note, she knew she would be spending the evening with her paints and her brushes creating a 'pyramint' doodle and a pyramint rhyme.


Oooh! Pyramints my favourite,
I'll have some if I may.
 If I'm careful not to crunch 'em,
I can make one last all day.
When it's time to have me lunch,
I just stick it on the side,
But, I must make sure me Mum don't see,
'cause she'd be horrified.
Although, here's a funny thing,
(And I think it's kinda rum)
Me Dad can get away with it,
With his bits of chewing gum!!!

"Can I have a quarter of Pyramints please....and some Wrigley's Spearmint for me Dad!"

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Strange bees and runaway worms

The Sunnysiders may well be enjoying their long summer break, but Mrs Crayon is having difficulty with her doodling!....... She can't seem to stop! 

Furthermore, ringing about her ears and scribbled on crumpled bits of paper are a number of little learner conversations that Mrs Crayon has either been part of, or has "accidentally" overheard during the last few weeks.

She would therefore love to share them with you now as part of a new feature for the holiday called.......

This particular conversation happened on the penultimate day before the summer break.

The setting was the Sunnyside garden in the warm afternoon sunshine. Groups of little learners were enjoying digging in the sand tray and playing with the sea creatures in the water tray. Some little learners were scooting and pedaling on the wheeled toys, while others were painting on large sheets of paper stapled to the garden fence. A small group of little learners were camped out in the tent/hide patiently waiting for a sighting of Spike, the one time caterpillar, until he promptly turned into a butterfly following a rather unfortunate scooter accident, (see Disco moves and prickly pets ) and then on the grassy bank, two little learners were working alongside one another constructing with pieces of Lego and Mobilo.

Also in the garden was Mrs Crayon hoping for an opportunity to observe (for the last time) the little learners happily engaged in their chosen activities. 
After seating herself on a comfortable perch very close to where the two little learners were busy with their Lego activity, one of them suddenly rose to his feet and positioned himself directly under Mrs Crayon's nose. He leaned in and announced in the most matter of fact manner, "Bees make Weetabix  that's what my Granddad told me."  Just as Mrs Crayon opened her mouth to respond to this statement (even though she wasn't sure how), the second little (Lego) learner pipped her to the post by saying, "I want to be a Granddad!"   
"Do you poppet, I think that's wonderful!" Replied Mrs Crayon. "Yeah, but......." continued the little learner with his nose scrunched up tight, "I don't want any children and I definitely don't want to get married, I just want a train, a cat, and a fish!!! 

Mrs Crayon was about to utter a response but once again she wasn't quick enough, the little (Weetabix) learner had already cut in and was well under way explaining to the little (Lego) learner the whys and wherefores of becoming a Granddad. Realising that the can was open and worms were everywhere, Mrs Crayon discretely sloped off, but as she did so, the seeds of a doodle and a rhyme were beginning to germinate in her head.

And here they are now.... 

I wanna be a granddad

I wanna be a granddad,
But never in me life,
Do I ever want some children,
Nor do I ever want a wife!
I still wanna be a granddad,
And it is me greatest wish, 
To be the type of granddad, 
That owns a train, a cat, and a fish.

But... I've heard to be granddad,
You need two things in yer life,
And sadly that is children,
Worse still it is a wife!
So, should I end up with those things,
And they all become a pain,
I'll just gather up me cat and fish,
And chug off on me train!

Friday, 2 August 2013

Anchors aweigh....... it's the summer holiday!

Stripped display boards, stark walls, dingle dangle free ceilings, overflowing waste bins, mountainous blobs of reclaimed Blu Tack, surfaces adorned with fragrant bouquets and beautifully wrapped gifts, overwhelmed team members, emotional parents and carers, excited little learners eager to start their long awaited pirate party.

Phew! All this can only mean one thing........the last day of the academic year and consequently the very last time the team will see these particular little learners in the Reception Class.

And what fabulous little learners they have been throughout the year.

From day one, this group of spirited Sunnysiders, has entertained the team with their views and amazed them with their acquired knowledge. Their responses to their learning and home life experiences, has also provided Mrs Crayon with a steady stream of doodle and rhyming material. 

The team has observed in detail the progression of every single little learner in the Reception Class. They have seen each of them grow in confidence and self reliance. They have witnessed their attainment of new skills, their ability to make new friends, and their willingness to play cooperatively with one another. (Well... most of the time!)

Everyone in Reception, small and tall alike, has thoroughly enjoyed their eventful and incredibly busy year. In amongst all the goings on, there have been tears of joy, tears of laughter, tears of sadness (now and again), and quite frequently, tears of pain. Whether they be injuries invisible to the naked eye, or bona fide playground cuts and scrapes (with real blood), the team has been there to mop them up with the now famous little piece of blue absorbent paper, commonly known as the paper towel, loved by little learners everywhere and used in their one day. Said piece of absorbent paper was used several times today, to mop the emotional tears of Mrs Jolly, Mrs Very Jolly, Miss Kind, Mrs Caring, Mrs Organised, and Mrs Crayon.   

The team are going to miss their little learners immensely, and although the little learners may feel that they are going to miss their team....the very team that has been beside them every step of the way since last September, and who are so proud of each and every little learner in the class, they are nevertheless more than ready for the next challenge in their school life journey.......that of year 1.  

Good luck little learners. You have all been brilliant! 

In the beat of a wing, in the blink of an eye,
The time has come to say goodbye.
The academic year is gone,
And little learners must move on.
They are sailing off to pastures new,
Where there is more to learn and lots to do.
What they'll become we cannot tell,
But your very first teachers, wish you well! 

Just one more thing!....... Mrs Crayon has some gems up her sleeve.....gems of the little learner kind. She's been saving them up for the summer break, so do check in from time to time to read them!

Have a wonderful summer holiday everyone and thank you for being a faithful visitor to Sunnysiders.