Friday, 23 August 2013

Lost trousers and Whippy cream

It seems impossible to believe that the count down is on until the long, and as it's transpired, very sunny summer holiday is at an end! 

The new academic year is just around the corner, which means a brand new troupe of navy blue uniformed little learners will walk through the front gates to Sunnyside School for the first time, and it will be their story that Mrs Crayon will be doodling and rhyming about all year long.

But... before that happens let's enjoy another of Mrs.....
...brought to you courtesy of one of the little Sunnyside learners of September 2012.

This conversation took place in the Reception classroom just a few days before the summer break, on an afternoon where all the little learners were happily engaged in their various chosen activities. 

The little learner in question came to sit alongside Mrs Crayon after she'd chosen to visit the very popular role play area, and where she'd selected the top half of a policeman's outfit to wear along with some fireman's trousers which she was sporting on her lower half. "I'm still a policeman even though I'm wearing fireman's trousers!" Announced the little learner to Mrs Crayon. "I couldn't find any policeman's trousers." She explained. "There's no harm in wearing a pair fireman's trousers when you can't find a pair of policeman's!" Reassured Mrs Crayon. The contented little learner then preceded to tell Mrs Crayon about a trip to London that she was going to be taking with her family at some point during the summer holiday. With lightning speed, Mrs Crayon reached for her post it pad and pen and noted down every word the little learner imparted to her about her forthcoming expedition.  

And hear it is in all it's royal glory!!!!

"When you go to London you see the Queen's home and you can go there for a 'queen tea'. You have tea and a scone with lots and lots of white stuff on it so it's cream....and you have cookie biscuits and cream. The Queen sets the table and you have it with her!"

Mrs Crayon was jolly thrilled to discover that Sunnyside School had it's very own royal commentator. The moment the little learner had finished her royal reporting, Mrs Crayon's Biro started to twitch, as a royal rhyme began to formulate deep within her inspired head.

Queen Tea

I'm thrilled and I'm excited,
Because today I've been invited,
To have a cuppa tea with the Queen.
Did you know that she is able,
To set the royal table,
And load it up with scones and squirty cream?
She'll sit beside you on her throne,
And butter you a scone,
Then present you with a royal pot of tea.
When you've drained your final cup,
She does all the washing up,
Then sits down to watch the soaps on her TV!

"Would one like more scone with one's cream?"

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