Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Smelly cheese and yucky peas

There is just enough time before the new term begins on 4th September to squeeze in one more of Mrs...

It has to be said, the following isn't strictly a conversation, it can only really be described as a little learner rant, especially as Mrs Crayon is sure that she observed steam billowing from the little learner's ears, as he stood aloft his proverbial soap box to say his piece. 

So what on earth was it that had so displeased this normally mild mannered and even tempered little learner? Well it was all to do with the subject of family holidays.  

Mrs Crayon was sitting in the writing area having a very enjoyable and informative chat with several excited little learners about their prospective and fast approaching family holidays, when the little learner in question joined the lively exchange. 

"When I went to the Philippines....... I went to somewhere very interesting.....I went to a supermarket!" Said he, in his usual buoyant manner.  It was then that his mood changed, his eyebrows narrowed, his nostrils flared and with hands planted firmly on his hips, the now almost incensed little learner broadcast to everyone present, "It was very, very, very hot and it was very, very, very, very smelly. They had horrid smelly pasta, horrid smelly sausages and HORRID SMELLY EVERYTHING!!!"

 Baffled by this extraordinary and sudden outburst, Mrs Crayon did a bit of digging and later learned from the little learner's parents that in recent months this irate little Sunnysider seems to have developed a particularly sensitive nose, and smells have become somewhat of an issue. So it wouldn't have mattered if he was shopping in a supermarket in the Philippines or his local in Whippy Cove itself, his reaction would have been exactly the same.

Mrs Crayon however, couldn't let this heated outpouring pass without celebrating it first with a rhyme and a doodle.  

Smelly Everything!

I have the kind of nose,
That is sensitive to smell,
Just the whiff of something horrid
And I start to feel unwell.

I turn a shade of green, 
And my legs become like jelly,
I have been known to faint 
When things are really, really smelly!

I can't stand the smell of sausages,
I can't bear the smell of cheese,
Take away that smelly pasta 
And those ghastly smelly peas.

I won't eat that smelly jam,
Nor will I touch that smelly bread,
You can keep your smelly eggs,
And your putrid chocolate spread.

I don't like the smell of flowers,
I detest the smell of trees,
I pass out when antiseptic
Is dabbed on my grazed knees.

I won't pass a smelly bin,
Or put on a smelly shoe.
I won't have a smelly dog, 
In case he does a smelly poo!

So there's only one thing for it,
And here's what I propose,
I'm going to take my pointy fingers
And stick 'em up my nose!!!

"Uh-Oh! It's smelly spaghetti with smelly bolognese!!"


  1. Another entertaining read with one of your signature illustrations. Soon be back to the fountain of inspiration. Not sure where the holiday has gone...

  2. Where has it gone. Just can't believe we'll be stating all over again. Wonder what wonderful gems this little cohort will come up with? Can't wait!!!!!

    I've been lapping up all your amazing musings Helen. Your incredibly creative mind must never, never rest. I just don't know how you do it!!!