Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Strange bees and runaway worms

The Sunnysiders may well be enjoying their long summer break, but Mrs Crayon is having difficulty with her doodling!....... She can't seem to stop! 

Furthermore, ringing about her ears and scribbled on crumpled bits of paper are a number of little learner conversations that Mrs Crayon has either been part of, or has "accidentally" overheard during the last few weeks.

She would therefore love to share them with you now as part of a new feature for the holiday called.......

This particular conversation happened on the penultimate day before the summer break.

The setting was the Sunnyside garden in the warm afternoon sunshine. Groups of little learners were enjoying digging in the sand tray and playing with the sea creatures in the water tray. Some little learners were scooting and pedaling on the wheeled toys, while others were painting on large sheets of paper stapled to the garden fence. A small group of little learners were camped out in the tent/hide patiently waiting for a sighting of Spike, the one time caterpillar, until he promptly turned into a butterfly following a rather unfortunate scooter accident, (see Disco moves and prickly pets ) and then on the grassy bank, two little learners were working alongside one another constructing with pieces of Lego and Mobilo.

Also in the garden was Mrs Crayon hoping for an opportunity to observe (for the last time) the little learners happily engaged in their chosen activities. 
After seating herself on a comfortable perch very close to where the two little learners were busy with their Lego activity, one of them suddenly rose to his feet and positioned himself directly under Mrs Crayon's nose. He leaned in and announced in the most matter of fact manner, "Bees make Weetabix  that's what my Granddad told me."  Just as Mrs Crayon opened her mouth to respond to this statement (even though she wasn't sure how), the second little (Lego) learner pipped her to the post by saying, "I want to be a Granddad!"   
"Do you poppet, I think that's wonderful!" Replied Mrs Crayon. "Yeah, but......." continued the little learner with his nose scrunched up tight, "I don't want any children and I definitely don't want to get married, I just want a train, a cat, and a fish!!! 

Mrs Crayon was about to utter a response but once again she wasn't quick enough, the little (Weetabix) learner had already cut in and was well under way explaining to the little (Lego) learner the whys and wherefores of becoming a Granddad. Realising that the can was open and worms were everywhere, Mrs Crayon discretely sloped off, but as she did so, the seeds of a doodle and a rhyme were beginning to germinate in her head.

And here they are now.... 

I wanna be a granddad

I wanna be a granddad,
But never in me life,
Do I ever want some children,
Nor do I ever want a wife!
I still wanna be a granddad,
And it is me greatest wish, 
To be the type of granddad, 
That owns a train, a cat, and a fish.

But... I've heard to be granddad,
You need two things in yer life,
And sadly that is children,
Worse still it is a wife!
So, should I end up with those things,
And they all become a pain,
I'll just gather up me cat and fish,
And chug off on me train!

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