Friday, 2 August 2013

Anchors aweigh....... it's the summer holiday!

Stripped display boards, stark walls, dingle dangle free ceilings, overflowing waste bins, mountainous blobs of reclaimed Blu Tack, surfaces adorned with fragrant bouquets and beautifully wrapped gifts, overwhelmed team members, emotional parents and carers, excited little learners eager to start their long awaited pirate party.

Phew! All this can only mean one thing........the last day of the academic year and consequently the very last time the team will see these particular little learners in the Reception Class.

And what fabulous little learners they have been throughout the year.

From day one, this group of spirited Sunnysiders, has entertained the team with their views and amazed them with their acquired knowledge. Their responses to their learning and home life experiences, has also provided Mrs Crayon with a steady stream of doodle and rhyming material. 

The team has observed in detail the progression of every single little learner in the Reception Class. They have seen each of them grow in confidence and self reliance. They have witnessed their attainment of new skills, their ability to make new friends, and their willingness to play cooperatively with one another. (Well... most of the time!)

Everyone in Reception, small and tall alike, has thoroughly enjoyed their eventful and incredibly busy year. In amongst all the goings on, there have been tears of joy, tears of laughter, tears of sadness (now and again), and quite frequently, tears of pain. Whether they be injuries invisible to the naked eye, or bona fide playground cuts and scrapes (with real blood), the team has been there to mop them up with the now famous little piece of blue absorbent paper, commonly known as the paper towel, loved by little learners everywhere and used in their one day. Said piece of absorbent paper was used several times today, to mop the emotional tears of Mrs Jolly, Mrs Very Jolly, Miss Kind, Mrs Caring, Mrs Organised, and Mrs Crayon.   

The team are going to miss their little learners immensely, and although the little learners may feel that they are going to miss their team....the very team that has been beside them every step of the way since last September, and who are so proud of each and every little learner in the class, they are nevertheless more than ready for the next challenge in their school life journey.......that of year 1.  

Good luck little learners. You have all been brilliant! 

In the beat of a wing, in the blink of an eye,
The time has come to say goodbye.
The academic year is gone,
And little learners must move on.
They are sailing off to pastures new,
Where there is more to learn and lots to do.
What they'll become we cannot tell,
But your very first teachers, wish you well! 

Just one more thing!....... Mrs Crayon has some gems up her sleeve.....gems of the little learner kind. She's been saving them up for the summer break, so do check in from time to time to read them!

Have a wonderful summer holiday everyone and thank you for being a faithful visitor to Sunnysiders. 


  1. Aww this is lovely Nicola, great illustration too. Hasn't the year flown? I am moving up with my class which I am really looking forward to. I will keep looking in to see if you have posted more :)

  2. Thank you Helen. How wonderful you'll still be with your class. I remember the benefits of moving with a class when I moved with the nursery children to Reception. I loved your last post.......just whose bloomers were they?