Saturday, 27 July 2013

Last days and absent friends

This is it!!! The little learners' journey through the Reception year is almost at an end. 

With just a few days left in school before they break for the summer holidays, the cheery little Sunnysiders burst through the doors this morning in their usual blustery way, full of enthusiasm and eager to share their news. 

The main topics of conversation this morning were; the two birthday parties they'd all attended over the weekend, and the multiple sightings of Spike, the caterpillar/Cabbage White Butterfly at various locations around the Isle of Wight.

The whole sad and sorry tale of Spike the caterpillar and his disastrous scooter ride of last week, (see previous post) inspired some wonderful little learner initiated writing. So, continuing with their fascination for this new elusive friend of theirs, the little learners decided they would construct a hide from sheets and blankets in the garden and become wildlife photographers for the afternoon. Their hope was that Spike would pass through the garden and obligingly pose for a photo or two before heading off to who knows where yet again. 

Armed with real cameras as well as several ingenious home made versions, (which the little learners had cobbled together from pieces of Lego, Stickle bricks and the odd bit of Popoid), they then retreated to their hide where they waited, and waited, and........ waited. When eventually Spike did make an appearance in the garden, the little wildlife cameramen completely missed their opportunity to photograph him, due to the fact they were too busy leaping around in excitement shouting "Spike alert" through a hole in the top of the hide!!! They did however manage to get a blurred snap of the terrified pigeon that shot out of the cherry tree in response to their enthusiastic din.

Never mind little learners. It's an acquired skill learning to use your indoor voices out of doors....... Just ask Mrs Very Jolly.......she's still practicing!!!  

"shhh everyone!........... I'm sure Spike will be back in a minute!!!"

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