Saturday, 6 July 2013

Missiles and steaming feet

Plimsolls!!!! It's hard to imagine a world without them....but let's try all the same just for a minute. 

If there were no plimsolls in the world, then what took place a few days ago during a practice for sports day, would never have happened. 

After the little learners had wrestled with their plimsolls and changed into their PE kits, they all ventured out on to the grass which lays at the front of Sunnyside School. It was here that they were going to practice running along the freshly painted lines, in readiness for their up and coming Sports Day.

All was well until the little learners started to run. As soon as they did so, plimsolls began to fly everywhere, to the extent where the team felt they needed to dive for cover, to prevent themselves from being struck by one of them! 

Not to be deterred by this potentially off putting occurrence, those clever and quick thinking little learners, calmly retrieved their annoying footwear and continued to run with them tucked under their arms!

So it begs the question (in fact it begs more than one), who invented plimsolls? what kinds of feet were they invented for? and how is it that even the grown ups in the setting have on occasion found it impossible to determine a left plimsoll from a right! This infuriating plimsoll ambiguity, has led to some poor little learners either wearing plimsolls on the wrong feet during a PE session, or worse..... two of the same!!! 
In all their dealings with plimsolls (and there have been ever so many over the years) the team have hardly ever come across a pair that fit well, and will consequently stay on for an entire PE session. 

So, the fed up little learners of Sunnyside School would like to get something off their chest and have a right o'l rhyming rant about their experiences and very definite opinions on the subject of the school plimsoll.

One man's banished plimsoll, is another man's cosy ear warmers!


  1. Genius! Utter genius! You're quite right, although I'd never thought of it before - what a ridiculous item of footwear! Why can't they all wear trainers!?

  2. Thank you Helen. It grieves me to think that we're bang in the middle of the plimsoll buying season once again. The same old ill fitting death traps will be flying off the shelves before they start flying off little feet everywhere!

  3. Totally & utterly hilarious.
    Our school lets them wear trainers, and I am very thankful for not having to deal with the annoyance that is Plimsolls. But I still LOVED this post!

  4. Thank you so much Orli. I love your blog and your sense of humour! I can't imagine how you found the time to read about annoying plimsolls when you have so much going on in your life......but I'm very happy you did!!