Saturday, 29 June 2013

Beanstalks and buttery fingers

The team had a special surprise treat for the Sunnyside little learners this morning. 

Yes beans on toast was on the menu for mid morning snack, much to the delight of all the little learners.

Miss Kind and Mrs Crayon were chief cooks and bottle washers, with Miss Kind in charge of toast and Mrs Crayon in charge of beans!
The culinary duo transformed the hall into a cafe, where the little learners could come and butter their own toast and help themselves to their own beans, before sitting to a table to eat. 

To say that the little learners were excited for their beans on toast, is an absolute understatement. They could hardly contain themselves as they waited outside the hall door with their noses squashed against the glass. When the cafe opened, the little learners poured in buzzing with excitement and very eager for their hearty snack.

Buttering toast is an acquired skill for sure, and this became blatantly obvious when Miss kind and Mrs Crayon stopped to observe the little learners as they attempted to butter theirs. Had the ladies not intervened and assisted the little learners with their spreading, there may have followed several heart attacks from the mound of butter heading towards the little learners arteries. 

So, why beans on toast in the first place?.......Well it's all due to Jack and his beanstalk!!!

'Jack And The Beanstalk' has been the focus story this week, so as per usual many of the activities have been Jack, and or, beanstalk themed. Although it's a rather tenuous link, the team thought it would be fun to cook beans for the little learners to round the week off.

It was fun, and very, very popular with the little learners. It was extremely popular with one or two individual little learners, whose revisits to the baked bean table didn't go unnoticed and were in fact, too numerous to mention!!!   

Yummy Beans!

We had a special treat today,
It was yummy toast and beans.
So we kept on going up for more,
Till we were bursting at the seams!

But when it comes to eating food,
We're a very eager bunch,
Because although we ate a tonne of beans,
We still polished off our lunch!!

"We need to hurry up and eat these.......we've got a roast dinner waiting!!!!!"

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