Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Hip hooray! It's yellow day!

If you're not keen on the colour yellow, you'd have done well to stay away from Sunnyside School today!! 

Everybody, young and old, was dressed in something yellow! When the sun came out this afternoon, so did everyone's sunglasses. The glare of the bright sun on so much yellowness was somewhat dazzling to say the least!!!

So what possessed Sunnyside School to go all yellow? Well... it was their 'Go Yellow Day' today. 'Go Yellow' is an annual fundraising event which sets out to celebrate the amazing work of the Island's Earl Mountbatten Hospice. As part of the celebrations, the Sunnyside learners who took part in the schools Walk the Wight  fundraising event back in May, were presented with their official Walk The Wight 2013 certificate and medal, by the Fundraising Manager of the Hospice during a special assembly this morning.

The image of more than hundred yellow and very smiley little learners, standing shoulder to shoulder in the hall this morning, inspired Mrs Crayon to want to dash home at top speed and dig out her yellow watercolours to get painting!! 

Six hours later, Mrs Crayon drove home (in a sedate sensible fashion) and dug out her yellow watercolours and got painting.....and rhyming!!!!! 

Could those little Sunnysiders be any more sunny????

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