Sunday, 9 June 2013

Bad teeth and wooden legs

 'Shiver me mainsail...........And hoist me timbers!!!' 

'Ahoy there matey, me laddie! Prepare to be boarded the Good ship Sunnyside!'

No prizes for guessing what the new topic is for the Sunnyside little learners. Oh yes indeedy me hearties, they've launched straight in to pirates, and in a big way to boot.

There was a frenzy of pirate hat and telescope making this afternoon and an awful lot of,  Arrrgh!!!!!!!!! Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of orange squash, and Cap'n Sir ye wooden leg's got termites! More about that later.

Welcome back everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are just seven weeks away from the end of the academic year and the end of the little learners' time in the Reception class. This fact is even more keenly felt, because it is also the time when the team meet the teeny weeny learners from the neighbouring pre-schools, who in September will become the Reception class of 2013. The teeny weeny learners are scheduled to visit Sunnyside School for an hour in the afternoons from now until the end of term and they will have the opportnity to join in with the little learners' activities and to get to know the team and of course the classroom environment.

So, the teeny weeny learners will be joining in with all things pirates, which is sure to go down extremely well. If there is one topic all little learners love, it is pirates and the team know this from experience. This particular topic seems to inspire the best makes, the very best writing and drawing, and then there's all the fun to be had from dressing up as pirates and singing pirate songs.   

The literacy and numeracy activities will also have a definite pirate flavour to them.
For instance in literacy, some of the activities will include: Writing a message in a bottle, making and labeling maps, drawing and describing pirates. 

The role play area is destined to become a pirate ship, and it was Mrs Very Jolly's job this afternoon to create and paint a pirate ship. 
The team would like to take this opportunity to apologise to all the parents and carers of the Reception little learners, who went home today with crispy brown hair and crusty brown uniforms. Well done for that, Mrs Very Jolly!!!! They did however manage to produce the beginnings of what is sure to be a tiptop pirate ship......eventually!!!!!

As well as the brown painting activity, little learners were also involved in the making of pirate hats and telescopes. As they toiled away, the little learners were keen to share their piratey knowledge with one other. Mrs Caring overheard some marvelous pirate facts like:
  • "Girl pirates wear flowery hats."
  • "Boy pirates have greasy teeth."
  • "Pirates always have a wooden leg because their real leg got popped off by a cannon!"

So..... Welcome aboard everyone!!! Let us raise the anchor and sail off on a piratey adventure, where we will eat disgusting biscuits, drink barrel loads of blackcurrant juice, sing ye olde sea shanties, wear parrots on our shoulders,and go arrrgh, arrrgh, arrgh, after everything we say!!! It's going to be great fun!!!!!!


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