Monday, 17 June 2013

Red Nannies and Green Granddads

If there's one thing the Sunnyside team enjoy more than anything, it is spending time talking! Not with each other it must be said, (except at lunch times when a great deal of talking takes place) but with the little learners in the Reception class. 

This afternoon was one of those wonderfully relaxed afternoons, where little learners were spread out right across the setting, engaged in their respective chosen activities, so creating little pockets of quiet areas, where team members could have a good o'l chat with individual little learners.

These moments are not only special and very enjoyable, they actually afford the team the opportunity to determine all sorts of things about how individual little learners are developing and learning. The team's assessments of these important chats, ultimately helps to inform the weekly planning.

This afternoon, Miss Kind found herself deep in conversation, with a little learner whose knowledge and understanding of trains, is extensive to say the least, in fact you could fit what he doesn't know about trains on the smallest of "well done" stickers. After Miss Kind had been informed of the train times from Ryde Pier Head to Whippy Cove here on the Isle of Wight and Portsmouth Harbour to Cardiff City Centre on the Mainland, the little learner suddenly shoved his hand under Miss Kind's nose and said. "See my fingers Miss Kind, they're red...............that means I'm good with trains!" 

"Well I never!" replied a somewhat startled Miss Kind. "So... what does it mean if you have green fingers then?" The little learner looked her straight in the eye, screwed up his nose in disgust and said, "Oh! That's just gardening!" He went on to tell Miss Kind that his Granddad has green fingers, his Nanny has red, his Dad has red fingers on one hand and green on the other and his Mum has... "Just got normal hands, so she's not good with trains or gardening!!!" 

 After hearing all about this wonderful story from Miss Kind, guess what Mrs Crayon did when she got home today???

"I'm good with trains!"

"And I'm good with everything else!!!"

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