Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Jelly feet and little heroes

When Mrs Jolly, Mrs Very Jolly, Mrs Organised, Miss Kind, Mrs Caring and Mrs Crayon all converged at the entrance to Sunnyside School this morning, they were each carrying two large mixing bowls full of wibbly wobbly jelly. Yes jelly!!! Some of their bowls of jelly had small dinosaurs set in them, others had sparkly glitter, one or two had pirate figures, one even had gold doubloons if you please!!!! 

No, the team hadn't brought their breakfast into school, the jelly was destined for the Tuff Tray outside, where the little learners were going to participate in an exciting and potentially messy afternoon of jelly exploration. 

It was a very warm afternoon when the little learners and the jelly came out to play. So whilst the jelly was super wibbly wobbly at the start of the activity and the little learners had great fun delving into it to find the buried treasure within, in a very short space of time, the sizzling June sun turned the jelly to something that's...well, really tricky to describe! But there it was, a strangely brown mixture, (red jelly + green jelly = brown jelly) with plastic pirates floating in it and turning warmer by the minute.  The little learners couldn't get enough of it though, and the jelly experience prompted some wonderful vocabulary, which incidentally was the prime objective of the activity.

The clearing up wasn't funny at all, and it was especially unfunny when Mrs Crayon emptied the Tuff Tray of the warm runny brown stuff and it ran straight into her sandals!!!!!!!!!!!! 

When finally she went back get inside to attempt to prize her feet off the soles of her shoes, Mrs Crayon was immediately greeted in the doorway by two little characters she hadn't seen at Sunnyside School since the beginning of the academic year. She first met this brave duo last September, when they swept through the playground at top speed, almost knocking Miss Kind off her feet in the process. It was when Miss Kind stopped them in their tracks and asked them to slow down, that the energetic pair introduced themselves to her as "Batman and Robert." 

And now all these months later, here they were standing right before Mrs Crayon, demanding to know why she was "walking funny" and wondering whether there was anything they could do to help. Mrs Crayon asked the caped crusaders if they would mind fetching her something to clean her jelly coated feet. Before you could say "Holy jelly moulds!", the dynamic duo had returned with armfuls of paper towels and (very thoughtfully) a little learner size chair for her to sit on. The sensation of sun baked jelly and paper towels stuck firmly to her feet, is something that Mrs Crayon will never forget....... or ever wants to repeat!

"Our work here is done Robert!"
"Holy apple pie and custard Batman, that's put me off jelly for life!!!"

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