Saturday, 22 June 2013

Culinary dragons and experimental pirates

Have you ever seen a donkey rolling out sausages at the playdough table, or a skeleton taking afternoon tea in the home corner? How about a policeman having fun with pasta shells, or Buzz Lightyear building sandcastles in the sand tray? 

Walk into a Reception Class anywhere and you're likely to see any one of these scenarios, if not all of them at the same time on occasion!!!

Since the beginning of the academic year, the team at Sunnyside School has seen, vets constructing (and flying) kites, princesses playing teachers, dinosaurs making sandwiches, magicians planting beans, pirates experimenting with magnets and Mary and Joseph pedaling a tricycle!  

Little learners love to dress up and little learners love to role play! And little learners love to make jam tarts whilst dressed as a firefighter or a dragon.......and why not?

If a little learner, in his very first year of big school, can't charge around on a tricycle dressed as an astronaut, then when on earth can he?

"When I've finished being a dragon chef.....I'm going to be a 'Bob The Builder' princess!"

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