Saturday, 13 July 2013

Sun hats and coconuts

Phew!!! Whippy Cove is in the midst of a heat wave. It's scorchio on the Isle of Wight!!! 

The Sunnyside team are on sun hat and sun cream alert, making sure both are applied to each little learner before they set foot outside. The air around Sunnyside School is filled with the smell of coconut oil, and inside the floors of Sunnyside School are strewn with discarded sun hats.

This afternoon a small number of little learners chose to stay out of the sun and remain in the classroom with Mrs Crayon. Some elected to paint pictures inspired by the Russian artist/painter Wassily Kandinsky no less, whilst others chose to look at books in the reading area, or play "Mums and kittens" in the home corner.

After a short while, a certain little learner wandered into the classroom. Red faced and with his hair stuck to his forehead, he sat himself down at Mrs Crayon's table.
"Hello poppit!" Said Mrs Crayon. "You look very hot! Are you wearing sun cream?"
This particular little learner, is a little learner that Mrs Crayon has had many, many, fascinating (and truly memorable) chats with, since he joined the Reception Class way back in September of last year. So when he drew breath and thoughtfully looked to the ceiling for a moment before saying, "Well........." Mrs Crayon immediately cut in and said. "Hang on poppit." For she knew this was her cue to fetch a piece of paper and a pen in order to note down the gem of information he was about to impart to her. 

She was right to fetch the piece of paper and pen, and here's why.... word for word.   

 "Are you wearing sun cream?"

"Well...........I put m' pants on, then I put m' sun cream on, then I put the rest of m'clothes on. Then I went downstairs and put m' shoes on.......all on me own! Then I walked down the road and it's always a panic because m' Mum has to put m' baby sisters shoes on, then her shoes fall off, then she has to put her reins on. When m' baby sister does a poo, I have to run away from her because it smells really bad and then I have to put m' fan on and it blows it out the window and into Mrs Cooks garden. She's 1 and still wears a nappy.....m' baby sister not Mrs Cook. I've lost m' tooth and I swallowed it because I thought it was a Coco Pop. I had a happy dream where I smiled and the tooth fairy saw the gap in m' mouth and she came and gave me two pounds! But I still have pocket money problems!!!! 

As smoke billowed from the end of her pen while she scribbled away at ninety miles an hour, Mrs Crayon couldn't help wishing she'd taken up shorthand back in the days of yore. But as she scribbled away, an idea for an accompanying doodle to this marvellous narrative came into her head.



  1. This is amazing Nicola, I would love to follow you but not sure how to through Wordpress. I will keep popping back to read some more :)
    Helen Merritt

  2. Helen, I can't believe it's you! I've just this second been looking at your amazing blog! I new you were talented, but my goodness me, you're super talented!!!!

  3. That's very kind of you but I have a long way to go. Good luck with your picture book it is going to be just fab and I will definitely have one!