Friday, 16 August 2013

Squishy shapes and gobstoppers

As the little learners continue to enjoy their long summer break, here is another of Mrs........

Little learners love to share what they know. The Sunnyside little learners are no exception and it doesn't matter what they're doing, the team will always stop to listen to anything a little learner has to say or would like to share.

This delightful conversation happened just a few weeks before the end of the summer term and it followed a week of activities focusing on three dimensional shape.

As Mrs Crayon was busy preparing and setting up a shape activity, she suddenly became aware of a little learner standing beside her and intently watching her every move. Instead of the usual barrage of 'what you doing' and 'why' questions that normally follows a period of grown-up watching, this little learner unexpectedly piped up, "I know about 3-D shape I do!" Mrs Crayon immediately stopped what she was doing, grabbed a post it note and pen and drew up a little learner size chair to sit upon. "What can you tell me about 3-D shape poppet?" she asked with pen poised in anticipation. "Well.....," began the little learner scanning the ceiling as if her answer was scribed across it, "I know that a puffed up square is a cube, and a puffed up rectangle is a cuboid, a puffed up circle is a 'sophia' (meaning sphere), and........I even know what a puffed up triangle is called!" 
"Do you poppet." replied Mrs Crayon damping down the flames from the end of her red hot Biro. "I'm not sure I do, perhaps you can tell me." 
With her pen poised once again, an eager Mrs Crayon was ready to jot down the little learner's definition of a puffed up triangle. "A puffed up triangle," announced the little learner emphatically, "is called a pyramint!"

As a smiling Mrs Crayon wrote the word 'pyramint' on her post it note, she knew she would be spending the evening with her paints and her brushes creating a 'pyramint' doodle and a pyramint rhyme.


Oooh! Pyramints my favourite,
I'll have some if I may.
 If I'm careful not to crunch 'em,
I can make one last all day.
When it's time to have me lunch,
I just stick it on the side,
But, I must make sure me Mum don't see,
'cause she'd be horrified.
Although, here's a funny thing,
(And I think it's kinda rum)
Me Dad can get away with it,
With his bits of chewing gum!!!

"Can I have a quarter of Pyramints please....and some Wrigley's Spearmint for me Dad!"

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