Saturday, 7 September 2013

Fanfares and Squeaky feet

It wasn't a trumpeting fanfare that heralded the the arrival of Sunnyside School's first time little learners today, oh no! It was the squeaks and the creaks of their brand new (and unmarked) school shoes that alerted the team of their imminent entrance into the Reception classroom.

Welcome back everyone to new shoes, a new academic year and a new class of little Reception learners. Another busy and eventful year awaits each and every one of them. The six strong Reception team made up of Mrs Jolly, Mrs Very Jolly, Miss Kind, Mrs Caring, Mrs Crayon and Mrs Organised are as excited as ever to be once again supporting the learning in the Reception Year at Sunnyside School.

Just as it did on day one of the new academic year last year, the sun shone brightly on the little seaside town of Whippy Cove, and it shone particularly brightly on the little school called Sunnyside. And just as they did last year, little learners were able to enjoy a wonderful variety of activities outside in the warm sunshine. 

A consistently popular warm weather activity is the water tray, and it was at the water tray that Miss Kind found herself this morning happily engaged in conversation with a small group of brand new little Sunnyside learners. The importance of drinking plenty of fluids in the hot weather came up for discussion and the little learners agreed that water was by far the best option. "Nanny says Granddad drinks too much drinks!" Stated one little learner holding his teapot aloft his head and skillfully directing it's contents into small cup on the edge of the water tray. "Do you know, "I don't think it's possibly to drink too much water." Said Miss Kind trying to straighten her legs after spending a little too long in the crouched position. 
"Granddad doesn't drink water." Replied the little learner still concentrating on his pouring. "He drinks beer!" Miss Kind could instantly see where Nanny was coming from!   

And so it begins, was the thought that entered Miss Kind's head. Another year of totally original and thoroughly entertaining little learner gems to look forward to. 

In anticipation of a plentiful supply of little learner gems, Mrs Crayon has her paints and brushes at the ready in order to seal them with a fanciful doodle and a bonkers rhyme or two. 

So everyone, it's time to...

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