Saturday, 21 September 2013

PE perils and tricky trousers

Today the team took a deep breath and donned their brave trousers in preparation to meet their nemesis.............A PE session! 

In actual fact, it isn't the act of supervising a PE session that sends team members clambering into cupboards to cower and hide away. Oh no!.... It's the business of changing thirty eager and excited little learners into their PE kits that will do the trick!

PE kits are fine and dandy, all the while they remain safe and sound, tucked up in their respective PE bags and left dangling undisturbed on their corresponding pegs. However... sooner or later, it is necessary for them to be removed, opened and emptied. When this happens, things are never, ever the same again!!! 

Once released from their cosy drawstring home, plimsolls, shorts and polo shirts take it upon themselves to either jump from one PE bag to another, disappear down the back of storage cupboards, cram themselves into puzzle draws, or worse, leave the classroom altogether, never to be seen again!  

It's a PE nightmare! But one that must be faced head on, hence the very definite need for brave trousers!

And it is the subject of trousers coincidentally, that has inspired Mrs Crayon's rhyme and doodle today.

Imagine this scene if you will. One classroom filled with thirty weary, and half changed from PE, little learners. Sixty discarded plimsolls, dozens of scattered shirts and trousers, umpteen pairs of mismatched shoes, and one perplexed and somewhat agitated little Reception Sunnysider. 

"These are not my trousers!" Shouted he, most insistently from across the classroom. When Mrs Very Jolly emerged from under a table wielding a left plimsoll, she was met with this little learner furiously brushing the top of his leg, as if trying to shoo away something from the trousers he was wearing. "What is this on my trousers?" He demanded, pointing to the offending "thing" clinging to top of his trouser leg.  

The answer to this trouser mystery lies within Mrs Crayon's rhyming ditty. So without further ado, let's take up, and round off today's story in verse....... 

Troublesome Trousers

I'm changing from PE 
And I'm all in a tiz,
I've found something on my trousers,
But I don't know what it is.  

It's rather large and flappy,
And I don't like it there OKAY!
So PLEASE will someone do something
To make it go away!

My teacher hears me fretting,
She calls, "Let me help you poppet,
You've got your trousers inside out,
That flappy thing's your pocket!"

"These might be my trousers.....but they're definitely not my pockets!


  1. I'm chuckling again - and will it surprise you to learn that some don't get any better as they go up through the school...? Maybe the fashion for wearing jumpers inside out has come about to prove that they are actually wearing their own labelled one?

  2. I'm all for it Helen. Anything to help to reunite learners of all ages with their garments.