Saturday, 28 September 2013

Trapped grasshoppers and missing onions

There exists an extremely popular activity, which involves large numbers of little learners and a multitude of 'things'........ big and small! 

This particular activity is carried out pretty much on a daily basis, right throughout the setting, and frustratingly and inexplicably far from the gaze of all the grown ups at Sunnyside School.   

Whilst the team has had many years of experience dealing with the aftermath of this secretive activity, to date, not one single team member has ever spied a little learner in the act!  

So what on earth is this secretive activity which requires cunning, perfect timing and sleight of hand? Well, the answer is....... posting. 

The subject of posting has been touched on before in previous Sunnyside stories, see Sharp teeth and little postman and Dominoes and Little Mo and it was here that we first read about a little learners' love of posting things! Given the opportunity, little learners will post anything, anywhere. In the home corner for instance, it is common place to find a mixture of sea creatures and wax crayons in the microwave, or a plastic grasshopper jammed inside a teapot and the team barely raise an eyebrow when they find themselves struggling to release a wedged Lego man from the very depths of a toaster! 

When it becomes necessary to move furniture (in the hope of finding whole puzzles, let alone any missing pieces), the team know to braise themselves in readiness for what is about to come cascading out. Lurking within the tumbling mound of 'things' will be every piece of construction known to man, along with small world figures, play food, play money, felt pens, glue sticks, cars, counters, dice, pegs and much, much more.   

To capitalize on this mania for posting, the team created "Lester the hungry lion", a literacy resource whereby little learners could post sounds and simple cvc words into his gaping jaws. When he was introduced to the little Reception learners of last year, they immediately seized the opportunity to post their learnt sounds and words, however, they also took full advantage of Lester's wide and smiley jaws to post everything from a pig puppet to a cash register!

So here we are just a few weeks in of a brand new academic year, with a brand new contingent of little learners, and already posting is in full swing. Miss Kind was able to confirm this today, when she found herself trying to retrieve half a dozen pirate figures and a plastic onion posted deep inside the garden hedge! 


What we love the most,
Is finding things to post.
And we post things almost every single day.
We'll post things anywhere,
We honestly don't care,
And when we've posted things we tend to run away!

When the Lego is all gone, 
Well, that's when we move on,
To look around for other things to post.
When the grown ups have had enough,
And start asking, "Where's our stuff?
We say, "We dunno, it must have been a ghost!"

Now, sometimes things are such,
Where we've posted far too much.
So the grown ups need to have a word and say.
"Let's get everybody clearing,
Until things start reappearing,
And no one is allowed to run away!!!"

Plastic sharks and plastic ants,
Both retrieved from someone's pants,
Heaven only knows who posted them down there.
We're not sure what to do, 
With what's been posted down the loo,
Just fetch the rubber gloves we're going to need a pair!"

When all the tidying is done
There'll be no more posting fun,
Comes the warning when it's home time every day.
But, then we get the posting itch,
And our fingers start to twitch,
So we post a little something on our way!!!

"I don't do posting any more.... do you?"


  1. We had a jam sandwich in the video recorder once - be thankful for plastic onions and pretend toasters! Am laughing in recollection but that one wasn't too funny at the time...
    Love the poem and the picture too. :)

  2. Thank you Helen. Surely the video recorder was made for posting jam sandwiches where oh where does one post them nowadays! So I'm guessing you are still either without hot water or a washing machine judging by your Saturday night's entertainment in "Here we are again"