Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sticky hair and grumpy fish

On your marks.......get set.........GO!

And they're off! The Sunnyside little learners have left the starting blocks and they are now hurtling towards heaps of fun, and a multitude of exciting learning experiences. 

In order that the coming days and weeks run smoothly and safely for everyone in Reception, the immediate focus is very much on settling in procedures, establishing routines, and little learner involvement of classroom rules.

There's one routine that the team are always most keen to establish as quickly as possible, and that is the business of toileting and hand washing. The team therefore set aside plenty of time throughout the day to support the little learners in becoming toileting experts. 

This morning the team supported small groups of little learners in a hand washing activity. Team members talked about the importance of washing and drying hands thoroughly and helping to keep the toilet area clean and tidy. That is to say, learning to throw paper towels in the bin as opposed to throwing them next to it!     

It was during one of these demonstrations (with Mrs Very Jolly leading), that a sudden outburst of raucous laughter rang out from the toilet area. When Mrs Caring went to investigate, she found a group of little learners hanging over the sinks in absolute hysterics. Among them, and weak with laughter, was Mrs Very Jolly with her fringe stuck firmly to her forehead, due to the copious amounts of liquid soap that it appeared to be coated in. Mrs Caring took one look at the helpless bunch and made the decision not to ask any questions, instead she pretended she hadn't seen a thing, and left them all to it.

At the same time, and just across the hallway, Mrs Crayon was carrying out her own hand washing demonstration, when a little learner emerged from one of the toilets adjusting his trousers. "I saw an elephant in a pond!" Said he, turning to Mrs Crayon for some help to roll up his sleeves. 
A little perplexed by this comment, Mrs Crayon felt she needed some clarification.
"I'm sorry poppet, did you say an elephant in a pond?" "Yeah!" Replied the little learner, squelching liquid soap between his clasped hands. "Not a real elephant"! Queried Mrs Crayon. "Yeah!" Nodded the little learner adamantly.
" saw a real elephant........ in a real pond." Stated a skeptical Mrs Crayon. "Yes!" Said the little learner, his tone now suggesting that he was becoming a little irritated by Mrs Crayon's apparent lack of understanding. "So this pond, is it in your garden at all?" Asked a still puzzled Mrs Crayon.  "Don't be silly!" Said the little learner, "I haven't got a garden!" Sensing this strange conversation involving elephants and ponds had come to a natural end, Mrs Crayon decided not to pursue it any further, firstly because the little learner had vanished from the toilets, and secondly, an idea for a daft doodle and a bonkers rhyme had already popped into her bewildered head.     

A special friend

There's a rare and special animal
Of which I'm very fond.
It is the Aquatic Elephant,
And I've got one in my pond.

I'm not sure when he came,
Or if he's leaving soon,
But the fish they are complaining,
That he takes up too much room!

I love my Aquatic Elephant though,
We have a special bond,
But I feel I must persuade him,
To find a bigger pond. 

So if you want an Aquatic Elephant,
He's yours to own today.
But you'll need some mighty muscles,
To carry him away!

"Sorry! We don't deliver."

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