Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Dust pans and dinner ladies

There is something afoot! 

Something mysterious involving the classroom dustpan and brush! It, along with all it's subsequent replacements are vanishing from the Sunnyside Reception classroom.

The Team are not only puzzled by these dustpan disappearances, they are also extremely frustrated by them, because without a dust pan and brush, ridding the classroom floor of a ton of rice, pasta, and out of season glitter, is a virtual impossibility. Therefore, it has become absolutely necessary lately for the Reception Team to appeal to the caring and sharing nature of the Sunnyside School dinner ladies for the use of one of their state of the art, 'no need for bending', industrial strength dust pan and brushes. 

And it is this somewhat uninspiring, yet absolutely vital classroom implement that has inspired Mrs Crayon's rhyme today. 

As she was carefully considering how best to ask a kindly dinner lady for the use of her dustpan and brush yet again, she was suddenly reminded of the time when a dinner lady entered the Reception classroom, (to retrieve her unreturned dust pan and brush) in which Mrs Very Jolly was clearing away the aftermath of a Papier Mache activity. The resulting copious amounts of runny glue and newspaper coating the classroom floor, caused the poor unsuspecting dinner lady to stick firmly to it. 

When the combined hysterical laughter of Mrs Very Jolly, trapped dinner lady, and little learners had subsided, they all managed to compose themselves long enough to release the poor dinner lady from her sticky snare.

Whilst Mrs Crayon celebrated this unlikely yet hilarious episode with a doodle some time ago, she has long felt it her duty to compliment said doodle with a short and snappy rhyme.

So here it is..........better late than never Mrs Crayon!

If you want to trap a dinner lady. 

If you want to trap a dinner lady
All you have to do, 
Is take away her pan and brush,
And coat the floor with glue.
When she comes to look for them
Of this you can be sure,
She'll find herself completely stuck,
To your classroom floor! 

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