Monday, 26 May 2014

Wonky cows and custard

The little Sunnyside learners of Whippy Cove have been out and about again.

This time when they boarded the Sunnyside School minibus (with their trousers tucked firmly into their Wellington boots), they headed straight off to one of the Island's dairy farms. 

As part of their health and fitness topic this term, the Team arranged for the little learners to visit a dairy farm specifically to learn about and experience first hand 'The Story of Milk.' 

Consequently, this fun and exciting dairy adventure inspired a multitude of follow-on activities back in the classroom. All this week little learners have been constructing farms from large foam bricks, role playing farmers and farm shops, reading farm animal stories, junk modelling farm animals, painting farmy type pictures and writing a few words about their farm trip in their writing books.

Today though, the little learners worked in small groups on a milk related brain storming activity. The objective of the activity was to name as many foods as possible produced from milk, and to then jot them down on a hastily drawn and slightly wonky cow, courtesy of Mrs Crayon .

Once the little learners had suggested the more obvious foods, such as butter, cheese and yoghurt, they became rather stuck and had to don their thinking caps in order to come up with some more ideas. However, following some gentle prompting from the supporting grown ups, little learners were soon reeling off a whole variety of foods including custard, rice pudding, squirty cream, ice cream, milkshake, and.........soup! Yes, soup was the suggestion from one particular little learner, much to the surprise of Mrs Crayon!
"Do we actually get soup from a cow?" Mrs Crayon asked the little brain stormer in question . 
"Yep!" she replied with a certainty that almost had Mrs Crayon convinced. "And do you know?" she continued, "Mummy gives me poorly soup when I'm poorly, but poorly soup just makes me more poorly, and do you know poorly soup hurts my feelings!"
Forgetting about milk products for a moment, a very intrigued and smiling Mrs Crayon couldn't help but ask the little learner, "If poorly soup makes you poorly, what kind of soup makes you feel better then?"
"Proper soup of course!" replied the little learner colouring the udders of Mrs Crayon's wonky cow in a rather fetching purple felt pen! 

Before you could say, cream of tomato soup, Mrs Crayon had already felt the rumblings of a soupy rhyme coming on.

Poorly Soup

Please don't give me Poorly Soup,
Poorly Soup's a curse.
Whenever I eat Poorly Soup,
It makes me feel much worse.
I cough till I turn purple,
My tummy starts to ache,
Me nostrils end up snotty,
And me bones begin to shake.
My legs go weak and wobbly,
Me head does loop the loop,
But the one thing that will cure me,
Is a bowl of Proper Soup! 

"Can I please just have a bowl of Proper Soup!"

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