Saturday, 17 May 2014

Magic beans and itchy fingers

Plant a little seed and don't disturb it!

Wise words indeed, and also the words of a very familiar spring time song, sung by all the little learners at Sunnyside School. Whilst they may be proficient at singing about NOT disturbing little seeds once they've planted them, in practice little learners as a rule find it utterly impossible.

Yesterday afternoon in the Sunnyside garden, groups of little learners had the opportunity to plant their very own sunflower seed in their very own flower pot. The process was a simple one: fill pot with soil, make hole in soil with finger, drop seed in hole, cover hole with soil, water soil with water from small watering can. Job Done!

So it came as no surprise to the Team, that when the little learners had finished planting their seeds, they fully expected them to germinate there and then and begin to sprout leaves right before their very eyes

When no such sprouting occurred, those hopeful little seed sowers waited, and waited, and then they waited a bit more. And then they waited with magnifying glasses and binoculars, desperate for a sunflower sighting how ever minuscule. When the waiting proved fruitless, they decided that a bit of poking and prodding might speed up the germination process, and when that didn't work, they resorted to cries of "Why haven't they grown yet!" and "How many sleeps until they do grow?"

Consequently, it turned out to be a very long afternoon indeed. The Team suspects that tomorrow will be a very long day too, and the next, and the next until the first sunflower shoot decides to make an appearance, or until a clever somebody invents the all new 'Germinate while you wait, sunflower seed'.

Sadly, the Team suspects that that particular horticultural breakthrough won't be any time soon!

Although when it does happen, it could look a bit like this......


1. Fill a pot with soil

2. Drop your seed straight in it

3. Now all you have to do 
  Is wait about a minute

4. Your little seed will grow
  And after just one hour

5. You'll have a ton of leaves
   And a twenty foot sunflower!

If only!

Worth their weight in gold!

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