Monday, 5 May 2014

Smelly herbs and Fairy fluff

The first little learner to step through the classroom door this morning was clutching a tiny sprig of Rosemary. "Look!" said she, thrusting it straight up the nostrils of Mrs Crayon. "It's 'Rosebury' from my garden!" 

A somewhat startled Mrs Crayon refocused her watering eyes and sniffed the aromatic herb still held tightly in the little learner's hand. "Oooh....Rosemary my favourite!", she said visualising a roast dinner with all the trimmings. "Do you like Rosemary poppet?" 
"No!" replied the little learner rolling her eyes at Mrs Crayon's over the top reaction to the wilting sprig. "I only like mash potato!"

It was that initial interaction at precisely 8.35 am, that seemed to herald a day of fascinating little learnerisms, the like of which continue to delight and entertain the Reception Team at Sunnyside School.

And flora and fauna seemed to be the theme for the day, because quite by coincidence, Miss Kind was treated to a second botanical fact this afternoon when the little learners were outside in the Sunnyside garden. 

The prolonged recent spell of warm spring sunshine has transformed the grassy hillock in the garden into a beautiful carpet of daisies and dandelions. Among the dandelion florets sit the delicate dandelion 'clocks', and it was the dandelion 'clocks' that so captivated the little learners this afternoon.

As a cloud of the tiny downy seeds cleared, it revealed a large group of little learners rendered breathless from all their puffing and blowing. Just as they drew breath again in order to scatter another batch of seeds to the four winds, Miss Kind asked if they could explain to her what it was they were blowing. As quick as a grasshopper, one little learner blurted out, "They're called 'dandelion wish pops!'" 

Realising this would very likely turn out to be a gift of a doodle for Mrs Crayon, Miss Kind decided to pursue the little learner further. "'Dandelion wish pops' you say...why are they called that I wonder?" she asked studying a dandelion 'clock' for herself. 
"Well," began the little botanist, "You make a wish and blow the fluffy bits and the fairies takes them off and grant your wishes." 

Impressed with the little learner's use of the word 'grant', Miss Kind asked her about the wish she was hoping would be granted by the 'wish pop fairies'. "Well," the little learner began again, "I've wished for a Rapunzel DVD, a Frozen DVD, a Frozen dress, a Tinker-Bell and the Fairy Pirate DVD, a Forget-Me-Not My Little Pony, she's purple with white hair you know, a Honeysuckle My-Little-Pony, she's pink with light pink hair..........and a Disney Princess Scooter.

Miss Kind didn't like to spoil things by asking the little learner how presumably teeny weeny fairies manage to transport scooters, ponies, DVDs and dressing up clothes around the neighbourhood-she just assumed they've got it covered!


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