Sunday, 27 April 2014

Bleached hair and Noisy kittens

Welcome back Sunnysiders young and old, welcome back faithful readers to Sunnysiders, and a very warm welcome to any new visitors to the Sunnysiders blog.

You all join us at the start of a brand new half term where the little Reception learners will be focusing on all things 'health and fitness' for the next few weeks. 

And it was an extremely fit and healthy looking cohort of Sunnysiders that bounded through the classroom doors first thing this morning. The two week spell of warm sunshine had coloured their cheeks, bleached their hair, and put a definite spring in their step. 

As always following a holiday break, the little learners were bursting to share their holiday news from the very moment they entered the classroom. Consequently, team members were required to once again tune their ears in order to be able to listen to a multitude of holiday stories all at once. This incidentally, is a skill they've managed to perfect over the years!

However, in spite of the little learners so obviously enjoying their Easter break, their transition from holiday mode back to school mode appeared seamless this morning. Within no time at all, little learners were reaching for the clipboards and pens to engage in a spot of teacher role play, and demands of "What you havin' for lunch?" rung out all over the setting. At the same time, another firm role play favourite, that of 'mums and kittens', was in full flow from the off. The home corner was instantly filled with meowing little learners and a host of 'mums' desperately trying to shoo them out of the kitchen. 

The Team also welcomed a brand new little learner to the Sunnyside Reception family today. As this particular little learner had come to live in Whippy Cove from the mainland, Mrs Very Jolly and Mrs Caring were keen to hear all about his previous school. "Well...." began the little learner very confidently, "It's a bit different here, because all my other teachers were very beautiful!" Before either crest fallen team member could muster a comment, a second little learner appeared from nowhere, and with impeccable timing, said to Mrs Caring, "Whenever I see you Mrs Caring, you're wearing that top!"  

A sad and sorry, not to mention dull and dreary feeling Mrs Caring then shuffled off for a good old sob in the corner of the classroom.

Well you ought to know by now team members, little learners do not mince their words, they'll aim straight for the jugular every time!

Straight Talking

Just like every little learner 
That you decide to quiz,
You can rest assured we'll tell it 
Exactly as it is.
We'll be brutal, we'll be honest 
And we'll cut you down to size,
Then we'll sling you a remark
That hits you right between the eyes!
We will never beat about the bush,
We're nothing short of frank,
 When you're dying of embarrassment
It's us you need to thank! 

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