Saturday, 19 April 2014

Ancient Dads and bleeding gums

Every now and again Mrs Crayon will find herself composing a retrospective rhyme inspired by a Sunnyside story from the good o'l days of yesteryear. 

Today, was just one of those times.

Perhaps it was something to do with the very recent visit the little Sunnysiders made to Whippy Cove's zoo where they came face to face with some of the zoo's magnificent big cats. It reminded Mrs Crayon of the time when a hungry lion by the name of 'Lester' took up residence in the classroom's jungle role play area. He wasn't a real lion of course, but a learning resource created to help little learners with their phonics. 

It was the little Reception learners' job to feed 'Lester' every day, but they were only allowed to feed him letters and sounds, as 'Lester the hungry lion' was an extremely rare (and hardly ever heard of) 'letter and sound eating lion'. Hence, it was a familiar sight to see a long line of little learners clutching fistfuls of phonic sound cards and reciting them...out loud, before posting them straight into Lester's gaping jaws.

However, there was a particular little learner in the queue who caught Mrs Crayon's attention one day, because although he was holding the usual pile of sound cards in one hand, in the other he was holding one of his teeth. Having just lost his tooth moments before joining the line, the little learner was keen to share what had just happened to him with Mrs Crayon. It was while they were inspecting the subsequent tiny and ever so slightly bleeding hole left in his gum, that the little learner suddenly began to speak about his Dad. He described to Mrs Crayon how his Dad who was "very, very old" had no teeth at all, "only holes where his teeth should be". When Mrs Crayon inquired (with some trepidation) as to the age of the little learner's Dad, she was told that he was 'twenty four'. 

Well....if twenty four is considered old......there are no words to describe the age of poor o'l Mrs Crayon!

Gum troubles

Me Dad is very, very old, 
He's just turned twenty four.
His ancient bones are rickety,
And he's lost some teeth for sure.
It's tricky when he tries to eat,
Because his gums are tender,
So we smash his food to smithereens,
In me Mum's old blender.

"Forget the blender son.....this is a cement mixer job!"

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