Friday, 11 April 2014

Big cats and yummy snacks

The little learners of Sunnyside School are very fortunate little learners indeed, for they have the good fortune to live and attend school in the little seaside town of Whippy Cove. And here's why.

The little seaside town of Whippy Cove not only boasts a beautiful picturesque coastline, with miles of soft golden sands topped off with an all year round pleasure pier, it is also home to Britain's first purpose built dinosaur museum, (Dinosaur Isle), plus a wonderful family run Zoo specialising in tigers and other big cats. 

It was to the zoo that the little learners of Sunnyside School made a trip very recently, as a fun way to round off their current topic on animals. The trip stirred up much excitement amongst the little learners, in spite of the fact that most of them have visited the very popular zoo many times before with their own families. 

A wonderful time was had by all at he zoo and upon their return to school the following day, the little learners couldn't wait to immerse themselves in some animal painting activities. 

Inspired by the beautiful creatures they'd seen at the zoo, bold and colourful paintings began to appear at breakneck speed, and it was all Mrs Crayon could do to keep up with the flow. Within minutes she was filling the paint dryer with wonderfully detailed pictures of lions, tigers, jaguars, monkeys, raccoons, porcupines, lemurs, and a....."kitkat".  Yes a "kitkat".

It was a completely mystified Mrs Crayon who was left scratching her head following the chat she had with the little learner, who'd chosen to paint a "kitkat" for his animal painting. And just as she was deciding in her head that it was perfectly possible that the little learner had found the contents of his packed lunch more fascinating than the wonderful array of wild animals he'd encountered at the zoo, the little learner who happened to be sitting next to the "kitkat" artist, decided to enlighten Mrs Crayon about this mysterious painting. 
"I think he means meerkat!" said she, adding a few more spots to her already spotty laden jaguar.

Of course it was a meerkat and why wouldn't it be. Along with the magnificent tigers at the zoo, it was the charming and rather comical meerkats that had captivated the little learners so. They had certainly captivated Mrs Crayon's imagination. As the almost human like little chappies stood side by side, high on their tiptoes and straining to see all the goings on around them, Mrs Crayon could feel an idea for doodle and a rhyme unfolding in her head. 


Meerkat Welcome

How d'you do we're Meerkats,
We stand about in rows, 
We gather all together, 
To stand on our tip-toes.
It's our clever way to view the world
And to see what's going on,
For when Mother Nature made our legs,
She never made 'em long!
So when you have some time to spare,
Come and see us at the zoo,
Where you'll find us on our tip-toes,
All staring back at you!

"Yes....I can confirm......he is in fact eating a Kitkat!"

Enjoy some fun filled animal magic at the Isle of Wight Zoo this Easter!

Working collaboratively with the year 2 learners of Sunnyside School, the new Meerkat enclosure at the zoo was designed and built by the grown ups at Eccleston George Public Artists.

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