Saturday, 5 April 2014

Tissue reams and bursting seams

It's almost Easter! 

Consequently, there have been Easter makes aplenty each day this week at Sunnyside School.

This afternoon little learners right across the setting were busy cutting here and sticking there. Reams of yellow tissue paper and lidless glue sticks enshrouded each and every surface, and almost everyone in the Reception classroom was sporting copious amounts of the stuff on the bottoms of their shoes. (Nothing unusual there!)

It was while Mrs Very Jolly was desperately trying to find the lost and gone for ever end on a roll of sellotape (for the thirty forth time in five minutes,) that she was approached by a little learner who appeared not to be involved in any of the Easter makes on offer this afternoon. 

Instead, this particular little learner stood before Mrs Very Jolly wearing one of the much coveted princess dresses and wrestling two babies and a large carrier bag full of shopping in her arms. 
"Hello Mrs Very Jolly!" said the rather hot and bothered little learner.
"Hello poppet," replied Mrs Very Jolly. "You seem to have your hands full!"
It was then that Mrs Very Jolly noticed that the little learner had something stuffed down the front of her princess dress. "What's this here?" she asked, giving the large and rather misshapen mound a gentle tap. 
"I'm having a baby," declared the little learner, still trying to reposition the two she already had in her arms. "Another one?" queried Mrs Very Jolly, now on the verge of tossing the infuriating sellotape into the bin.  
Huffing and puffing from a combination of exhaustion and frustration, the little learner let both babies drop to the floor, before setting her bag of shopping down next to Mrs Very Jolly. "Yep!" she said, "I've got two out.....and one in!" 

Mrs Very Jolly only just managed to contain her hysterical laughter until the little learner had disappeared off to the home corner. She then let out a shrill so high, it was only audible to bats and small dogs!

I'm off to do me shopping

I'm off to do me shopping,
I can't stop and chat today,
I've got two wriggly babies
And another one on the way.
They keep me very busy, 
And me head is in a spin,
But when it comes to having babies...
I say...better out than in!

"Do I look as though I could do an Easter make?"

The little Sunnysiders will be back in two weeks for another round of fun, learning, rhymes and doodles.

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE....see you soon!

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