Saturday, 29 March 2014

Busy bees and missing hands

The moment the little Sunnyside Reception learners step over the classroom threshold at 8.35 am, they get busy - very busy! So busy in fact, that some little learners find it almost impossible to stop what they're doing and put whatever it is to one side, in time for the morning register to begin. 
This is particularly evident when little learners are participating in drawing and painting activities. And when little learners are participating in drawing and painting activities, they are more often than not drawing and painting a picture of their Mummy.

This morning Mrs Crayon found herself explaining yet again, the importance of tidy up time with a little learner who was still heavily engrossed in the picture she was creating, long after tidy up time had been announced.

"But this is a picture of Mummy!" protested the little learner hastily colouring in mummy's dress and shoes. "Look.....she's wearing a pretty dress and her hair is in a ponytail on one side."

Anxious that the little learner might spoil her beautiful drawing by rushing to finish it, Mrs Crayon tried to encourage her to put it somewhere safe until it was choosing time again. The little artist suddenly downed tools, and handing her picture to Mrs Crayon announced that it didn't matter because her drawing of Mummy was actually finished. Studying the work of art in her hands, Mrs Crayon couldn't help noticing that the little learner hadn't given her Mummy any arms. "What about Mummy's arms?" asked Mrs Crayon popping the drawing safely into the 'going home box'. "Do you want to add those later on?"
"No thank you," replied the little learner packing away all the crayons she'd been using, "Mummy's got her hands in her pockets!"

Can't argue with that!

For Mum

I made this lovely picture,
It's a picture of my Mum.
I drew her hair, her legs and feet ,
As for arms...
I forgot to give her some!


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