Saturday, 8 March 2014

Robots and dancing mice

Hurrah! It's National Book Week!

This means a week of fun filled activities celebrating the joy of reading. 

The room was buzzing this morning with a class of excited little learners all proudly showing off their favourite books from home. There were books about robots, ice skaters, explorers, dancing mice, and fire fighters. There were information books, things to do books, noisy books, touchy feely books, board books, hardbacks, paperbacks, and a gazillion Disney princess books! 

Yes, Disney princess mania continues to reign over Sunnyside School. This afternoon there was a stampede of little learners all dashing to the dressing up rail, in order to throw on a princess dress before sitting down to share their princess story books with each other. In addition to sharing books with one another, the Reception learners had the opportunity to share and read their books with some of the Year 6 learners of Sunnyside School, when they came a visiting this afternoon. 

As the Reception learners began to pair up with their older counterparts, one particular princess attired learner, appeared to be very unhappy with her (boy) partner. Spotting the little learner from across the classroom, Miss Kind decided to investigate. "Are you okay poppet, do you need any help?" she asked. With her bottom lip quivering the little learner said, "I haven't got my's been kidnapped!"
"Oh dear!" said Miss Kind in a manner that befits her name, "I'm absolutely certain your book hasn't been kidnapped, let's see if we can find it." 
"But my book is a princess book and he's a boy and boys don't like princess books," protested the little learner, waving her finger at her somewhat mystified partner. Miss Kind tried to calm the situation by explaining that the year 6 boy had come into the Reception class expressly to share books and read stories, so he wasn't going to mind if one of the story books, happens to be a princess story book. Appearing unconvinced by Miss Kind's explanation, the little learner suddenly changed her tone. "Well anyway," she said leaning in to whisper in Miss Kind's ear, "Sometimes boys just give me a nose bleed!"

Clearly not a fan of boys the moment!

Down with boys

I'm searching for some peace and quiet,
And somewhere I can read.
I'm avoiding all them pesky boys...
As they cause my nose to bleed!


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