Sunday, 16 March 2014

Busy vets and bouncy pets

Every so often, an especially inspiring little learner utterance will come to Mrs Crayon's ears, causing her to hotfoot it to the nearest pencil pot and scrap of paper, in order to rustle up a doodle and an accompanying rhyme.

This afternoon, such a story came directly to Mrs Crayon's ears, whilst she was sitting in the role play veterinary surgery, waiting for her role play Dalmatian to have it's role play injection.

The story began with the now oh so familiar "do you know?" (the signal that a little learner gem is about to follow.) "Do you know?" said the little learner in question, jabbing Mrs Crayon's poor Dalmatian with a role play syringe, then binding it's front legs together with a ropey looking role play bandage. "My doggie Vanessa likes to jump." Following some clarification, Mrs Crayon learned that not only does Vanessa the dog like to jump, she also regularly takes it upon herself to jump over the fence into the next door neighbour's garden in order to jump on the next door neighbour's trampoline! 

Although Mrs Crayon felt there was a considerable amount of wool being pulled over her eyes, it didn't stop her asking the little learner why her dog Vanessa likes to jump into next door's garden to bounce on their trampoline. The answer was simple - the little learner's own trampoline was far too small! The neighbours have a "massive" one apparently.

So......what do we have here? We have a dog named Vanessa who likes to jump. She likes to jump so much that she will jump over the garden fence in order to break into the next door neighbour's garden. She will then seek out and scale the dizzy heights of the neighbour's trampoline, before enjoying a jolly o'l bounce on it. When she has bounced enough...she jumps the garden fence again and heads home to her family, and a bite to eat no doubt. is that wonderful story not all the inspiration Mrs Crayon needs in order to produce a Mrs Crayon doodle and rhyme?

I wonder have you ever seen?

I wonder...'ave you ever seen
A doggie on a trampoline?
Although she is a hefty lump,
My doggie's passion is to jump.

She don't possess much common sense,
But she's learnt to jump the garden fence.
And when our neighbours have gone out,
That's when my doggie jumps about.

Their trampoline is huge and round,
And much further off the ground.
My doggie thinks it's much more fun,
Than our microscopic one!

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