Sunday, 20 April 2014

Outlaws and holey tights

Easter is upon us and Mrs Crayon feels utterly compelled to share a rhyme to celebrate the occasion.

Mrs Crayon also happens to be in reflective mode at the moment, so just as Gum Trouble (see previous post) was inspired by a little learner utterance from way back in January 2013, today's rhyme comes to you via the little learner who sidled up to Mrs Organised just a few days before, and whispered in her ear that his Uncle was in fact 'Robin Hood'. If that wasn't enough, the little learner revealed that his Uncle Robin Hood had got himself a job helping the Easter Bunny to hide Easter eggs here, there and everywhere around Whippy Cove.

Mrs Crayon has long felt that this startling Robin Hood fact is worthy of a rhyme, so with Easter on the doorstep what better time to compose one and share it than right now.

A Reformed Character

Robin Hood, Robin Hood,
Kept getting into fights,
And all that rough and tumble
Played havoc with his tights.
Now Robin has a proper job,
Hiding Easter eggs,
But he does it all in secret,
'Cause he's scared to show his legs! 

"So you've got a few holes in yer what!"

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