Sunday, 15 December 2013

Dirty tricks and walking sticks

Uh-oh! There was an explosion at Sunnyside School today. Someone removed the lid to the glitter pot. The Team thinks that Mrs Crayon was the culprit, a) because she was coated in a thick layer of the stuff, and b) because it was she who was in charge of this afternoon's glittery Christmas card making activity.

Christmas has come to Sunnyside School! Floors and surfaces are once again obliterated by a ton of sparkly glitter, Christmassy activities are aplenty, and the air is filled with songs about Mary and Joseph having a busy day looking for some where to spend the night. the role play area, little learners are dressed as doctors, nurses and paramedics in the newly created doctors' surgery.

Role play doctors and nurses is always a very popular activity with the little learners, but........historically there is always a serious shortage of patients, as most little learners prefer to be the doctors and nurses. This means little learners are forced to head out around the setting in an attempt to round up some much needed poorly patients.

This afternoon two very officious lady doctors set out to recruit some poor unfortunate patients. Armed with appointment books and clipboards, they marched about the setting collaring individuals demanding to know if they were ill or not. When finally they managed to persuade one reluctant little learner to come back with them to their surgery, one of the lady doctors sat him down and in a terrifying manner said, "Are you poorly? Yes or no!!!" 
"NO!" Shouted the rather put out little learner, itching to get back to his Lego construction.
Showing him the surgery door, the lady doctor then abruptly picked up her appointment book and said to her colleague who was busy tapping on the keys of the surgery laptop, "I'm scribbling his name out, he's not poorly he's just joking."  
With her gaze firmly fixed on her laptop, the key tapping doctor replied, "I can't speak........ I'm sorting out my earmails."

A short spell at charm school wouldn't go a miss for these two more than scary GPs!

Are you ill?

Simple question.........are you ill?
And do you need to take a pill?
Have you got a nasty cough?
Is your finger hanging off?
Do you have creatures in your hair?
Are you spotty everywhere?
Have you got a runny nose?
Or massive blisters on your toes?
Now.........look away and please keep calm,
 I'm going to jab you in the arm!
I'm sorry but I must admit,
It's gonna hurt you quite a bit.
Just lay down here and have a rest,
While I prod you in the chest!
Do you need a walking stick?
Do you feel a little sick?
You're telling me it's not your tum,
Well, for heaven's sake why have you come?
What's that you say... you're just tricking me,
Then please.....GET OUT MY SURGERY!!!!

"I only came in for the toilet!"

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