Saturday, 7 December 2013

Knots, spots and pom poms

Tis the season to wear a hat,  
Fa la la la la, la la la la! 

Brrr! December is here and it's very chilly in Whippy Cove. And with the chilly weather....... comes a new nightmare for the Sunnyside Team...............HATS!

Just as The Team are beginning to come to terms with the continual mismatches and disappearances of garments at PE changing time, they now have to face up to a new nemesis......... that of missing and mislaid hats. 

Yes, hats have come into their droves, and even though these inanimate woolly head warmers start off in sensible places like coat pockets, or on coat pegs, or safely tucked in little learner drawers, somehow, within the blink of an eye it seems, said hats lay abandoned across floors and surfaces, buried in Lego boxes, incorporated in with the dressing up clothes, floating in water trays, or perched on somebody elses head!

The little learners of Sunnyside School seem to work on the theory that the grown ups in the setting know exactly where all their hats are at all times, which is why they feel they can ask, "Where's my hat?" at any given moment in the day and the grown ups will be able to immediately direct them to it! 

If only!!!!!!

Little learners love their hats, and consequently little learners can become almost hysterical when they become separated from their hat.  

But when it comes to hysterical, there are none more hysterical than the Sunnyside team at the end of the school day, as they frantically dash hither and thither in an desperate attempt to reunite devastated little learners with their beloved hats. After all no one wants to see any little learners heading homeward sobbing and hat less! 


Hats with pom poms, hats with ties.
Hats that hang in front of eyes.
Hats that perch on top of heads,
Hats with multicoloured threads.
Knitted hats, bold and bright,
Itchy hats and hats too tight.
Hats with tassells dangling down,
Hats snow white, hats muddy brown.
Hats with bows and hats with knots,
Stripy hats and hats with spots.
Hats with funny pointy ears,
Hats when lost cause many tears.
Piles and piles of hats the same,
All of which without a name.
Reception teachers everywhere
Busy tearing out their hair!
Before you wear your hat to school,
NAME IT, NAME IT... that's the rule!

"I'm a boy.....................and this is NOT my hat!!!!!!"

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