Monday, 25 November 2013

Wheels, whistles and whiffs......Part three

Of all the skills a little learner little will acquire during their time in the Reception Class at Sunnyside School, it is learning to whistle and to click their fingers, that seems to create the most amount of excitement amongst them all.  

Once learnt, the relentless sound of clicking fingers and monotone whistles will fill the air and ears of everyone present at Sunnyside after day after day! 

So when one afternoon Miss Kind was approached by yet another little learner proudly asking "Do you wanna hear me whistle?", she dutifully stopped what she was doing, (again) sat herself down on a little learner size chair, and positioned herself in readiness to be serenaded by the most tuneful of whistles.

What transpired on this particular occasion, was not so much a whistling demonstration, it was more of an air blowing exercise........lots and lots of air as it happens! After several failed attempts to squeeze a whistle from his lips, the quick thinking little learner announced to Miss Kind that he could definitely whistle.....but only on certain days. Judging by the gale force wind that he was producing, it was evident that this particular day was not a whistling day!

This whistling dilemma was all the inspiration Mrs Crayon needed for her third and final retrospective rhyme........and here it is!

Whistling Days!

I'm going through a funny phase,
Of only whistling on certain days.
On Monday when I have a go, 
It seems it's only air I blow.

When Tuesday and Wednesday come around,
I puff and blow, but still no sound!
Thursday, can't come soon enough,
For I'll whistle you a ton of stuff.

On Friday, I've gone and lost the knack.
But by Saturday me whistle's back!
Sunday though, I feel it's best,
I give me knackered cheeks a rest!!!

"Uh-Oh!..........Nothing's happening, it can't be a whistling day!"

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