Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Wheels, whistles and whiffs....... part two

It was the little learner who had such a lot to say about his baby sister, that has inspired the second of Mrs Crayon's three brand new rhymes.

The little learner in question had several gripes about his baby sister, but his main complaint was to do with her nappies, and in particular.......what was contained within them! To combat the aftermath of nappy changing time, the little learner found that if he turned the fan on in his bedroom, he could blow any offending odours out of his window, and straight into the garden (and nostrils) of his poor bewildered neighbour.  

A little learner story crying out for a Mrs Crayon rhyme for here it is!

My smelly, smelly sister!

Me sister may be tiny,
But she makes a giant pong!
When it drifts into the garden,
Me neighbours shout, "What's going on!"
They run inside and bolt the doors,
And all the windows too.
So you wanna thank yer lucky stars,
She don't live next to you!

"Dearie me........How can she smell worse than I do!"

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