Saturday, 2 November 2013

Giant leaps and tricky feet

Hurrah! The little Sunnyside learners have just completed their first ever half term in school.

Astonishingly, eight weeks has passed since those shy and somewhat bewildered little learners, took their first tentative steps into Sunnyside School's Reception Class. 

In that time, they've had to get to know and learn the names of each of the six strong team members responsible for their care and education. And let's face it, Mrs Jolly, Mrs Very Jolly, Miss Kind, Mrs Caring, Mrs Crayon and Mrs Organised, is quite a list of names to remember. They were also required to familiarise themselves with their immediate environment and surroundings, not to mention taking on board the rules, routines and behaviours of the setting, (which incidentally is a work in progress!!!) They've needed to learn very quickly how to organise themselves, and how to be more independent and self reliant.

Those clever little learners have worked very hard in order to achieve these tricky new skills. If that isn't enough, they have also learned a number phonic sounds and letters, and they can now recognise and identify numbers to ten. They have learned new songs, acquired new practical skills, and made new friends. What an achievement indeed!

As a reward for all their hard work, The Team arranged to take the little learners to Whippy Cove's local library today, where Mrs Librarian was waiting to read to them all. One of Mrs Librarian's stories, required the little learners to shout very loud at certain points in the story. The little learners were very happy to oblige with the shouting, as they aren't usually encouraged to shout indoors......... and especially not in a library!!!

The trip to the library followed the last PE session of the half term, and it was during the short walk back to school, that it was noted that several little learners were wearing their shoes on the wrong feet. So the first job once everyone had arrived back at school, was to sort the shoes. It was during the shoe sorting session, that one particular little learner indicated to Mrs Very Jolly that she had a sore foot. "Oh dear, what have you done to your foot?" Asked Mrs Very Jolly, fumbling to find the hole on the strap of the little learners shoe. "It's a merruca!" Said the little learner waving her right foot in the air. "Oh no! Not a merruca!" Said a smiling Mrs Very Jolly, "Have you got some cream or maybe some ointment at home to put on it?" Intently studying the sole of her foot, the little learner heaved an audible sigh of resignation. "No," said she, "I just have to let it hurt me!"

Well, that's one cheap and cheerful way of dealing with troublesome away with the creams and potions, and just let them hurt you!

My thingybob 

I may have overlooked
This funny something on me foot,
Because it grows a little bigger everyday.
There's no cream that I can squirt,
So I just have to let it hurt,
And hope this funny something goes away.
At first I thought it was a mole
This funny something on me sole,
But ridding this thing could be a tricky job.
And it really is a shame
That I can't pronounce it's name,
So I'll refer to it as just a thingybob!

"I've got a thingybob!"
"Well.....I've got two thingybobs!"

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