Saturday, 26 October 2013

Dinner gongs and poppadoms

Almost every little Reception Sunnysider to walk through the classroom door at 8:35 this morning, wanted to know one thing, and one thing long was it until lunchtime?
This question was asked repeatedly to all team members, by all little learners, making it seem like the longest morning in the history of long mornings! 

So what was the reason for this desperate little learner need to determine lunchtime? Well it was this.........a delicious sit down curry meal at one of Whippy Cove's finest Indian restaurants was awaiting them all at midday.

The Team had introduced the little learners to Diwali, the Hindu 'festival of lights' earlier in the week, so an Indian meal, in a real Indian restaurant was arranged to round off a week of Diwali activities and makes.  

The little learners were extremely excited at the prospect of eating out in a real restaurant, in spite of the fact that a number of them professed to not liking curry very much, with one little learner declaring that his Granddad's curry tasted like "horrible medicine".  

 It was huge relief to everyone when finally the clock struck 11.30 and it was time for the little learners to don their high visibility jackets, head out into to the Autumn air and make the short walk to Whippy Cove's busy high street. Sixty florescent little learners, walking two by two, excitedly snaked their way towards the sea front, catching enticing glimpses of the rolling waves as they marched along.

Their excitement reached fever pitch upon their arrival at the restaurant, and within seconds the hungry little learners had cast aside their coats and bright yellow jackets in readiness for their exotic lunch. 

The Team (as if by magic), transformed themselves into dinner ladies, dishing up and serving meal after meal, in an attempt to ensure that everyone was able to eat at the same time.

When finally the little learners had their piping hot meal in front of them, three things ensued. There were little learners devouring their meal in seconds and holding their plates aloft their heads, asking for more please! Little learners prodding their meal with a fork and gingerly taking minuscule mouthfuls, undecided whether their Chicken Korma and rice was nice or not! And then there were those little learners who flatly refused to even to even make eye contact with their dinner, and would only eat the chips which had been very thoughtfully included on the menu.

However, all Sunnysiders were unanimous in their enjoyment of the plentiful supply of accompanying poppadoms and naan bread. The whole experience of sitting down and eating out together in an Indian restaurant, is one that every Sunnysider will remember forever. As will the poor proprietors of said restaurant, following the massive clear up operation that must have taken place, upon the little learners' departure. Whoops!  

A question of curry

Some of us like curry,
And some of us do not.
For some it is delicious,
For others far too hot.

Some of us aren't sure,
But still try it once or twice.
We poke it with our fork,
Then pretend to eat the rice.

Some of us are mad for it,
And down it in one go.
But then we get the feeling,
That our head is going to blow!

 The rest of us won't let it
 Come in contact with our lips.
And we're the ones who'd much prefer 
Some sausages and chips! 

"No thank takes like cough medicine!"

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